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  • August 2007
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Buddha Boy’s Back – Preaches Peace – and Quiet

Posted by dowbrigade on August 5th, 2007

Finally, Ram Bahadur Bomjom, the Buddha Boy, has started preaching. The committee that looks after ‘the modern Buddha’, Namo Buddha Tapoban Committee, assembled a large crowd yesterday in Hallori Jungle in Bara district of southern Nepal that was addressed by a long haired boy clad in a maroon robe. The notice about the first ever preaching by the boy was broadcast in a local FM radio station and the committed also invited people by phone. Around three thousand people gathered to listen to Ram Bahadur Bomjom.

Ram Bahadur Bomjom spoke with several pauses as if he was finding it very difficult to communicate in the language of human being. Just to kill another possible curiosity Ram Bahadur was using Nepali language while preaching via a big mike. He also requested the people not to be skeptical about him and disturb him.

from United We Blog for a Democratic Nepal 

This Buddha Boy is the  real thing.  He once went 5 months without eating while in a deep meditative state.  Unfortunately, his enlightened message to the rest of humanity seems to be “Go away and leave me alone.” No wonder prayers don’t get answered these days.

16 Responses to “Buddha Boy’s Back – Preaches Peace – and Quiet”

  1. Richard Butler Says:

    hum interesting article, could someone really go without eating for so long, and if so how is this possible?

    Any other links to this guy?
    hey is he on the web 🙂


  2. Glen Ornstein Says:

    well I guess if you can see the Virgin Mary in a hubcap then there could also be a Budha boy.

  3. everlastin Says:

    he`s for real, believe

  4. neutral human Says:

    we(science) dont understand the human body properly yet and function of our brain, we dont understand mind, body and soul connection, i`ve watched a documentary on discovery channel “boy with divine powers” where they rolled non-stop film on this holy kid for 10 continuos days and he didnt move or eat anything or drink, and what about all these skeptics whos there since months to prove him wrong, they could`nt fault him, what more do u want? do u want more THE GOD to come and tell u he`s real?????? he`s for real, beleive, god bless its creation

  5. Divo Says:

    Hi, Actually yes , it is possible to stay that long without food.
    It is possible to stay even longuer to the point of never needing food or water again. There is a few poeple in the world who lives without eating solid or liquid food. We usually call thease poeple Breatharians.
    They usualy meditate alot and get so much energy from meditation that solid food is no more necessary. Search the keyword : Breatharian ,
    Hira Ratan Manek ,
    Also look at and
    I am aslo tryng to become a breatharian and i am doing it slowly by reducing gradually my food intake. I try to eat only one full meal once a day in the morning then nothing more . It s not easy but i think it is worth . Because i feel better with less food in my stomach. There is said that who control his food intake control his mind. I think it is true . Also thease days , food become less and less natural , so i choose to eat less and as much natural as possible.
    Controling his food intake can heal you , deepen your peace feeling and also helping you develop paranormal super powers. We call somebody who needs not to eat solid food a breatharian because we assume that a breatharian gets his energy from control of his breathing. Who is master of his breath is master of his mind . They key to power and peace of mind is slow , long and deep breathing.
    God bless u .

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Science DOES know how the body works and any doctor will tell you that starving yourself will lead you to many illnesses and ultimately to death. I looked up these Breatharians. It didn’t take me 5 minutes to find out that plenty of people have died trying to achieve this claim that has never been proven.
    The Buddha boy disappeared after a while for obvious reasons. Too many people were surrounding him at all times so it was getting harder for his followers to sneak him some food.

    Don’t believe everything you read.

  7. Mini Says:

    There are two ways to understand what is happening. Either by intellect or by intuition, its just a way of understanding and interpreting things and everyone is allowed to choose what they please. A person who uses intellect uses logical and analytical skills (left hemisphere of his brain) and tries to rationalize things. Well as an intuitive person leaves everything to that sixth sense to the right hemisphere of the brain. These are the two broadly found categories. Sages and hence people of Indian subcontinent have long known that the true consciousness transcends both these levels… only when the human mind is used as a slave and not as a master.. We can reach the realms of consciousness.. There are so many techniques known by the east, but they cannot be a thumb based rules / steps that you follow these instructions and you’ll reach somewhere…. They are unique for every individual.
    You said
    Science DOES know how the body works and any doctor will tell you that starving yourself will lead you to many illnesses and ultimately to death.
    Well a spiritual person is at any time more scientific than a normal being. He tries to comprehend the universe…but the human language fails him.. He cannot explain you what he saw.. He then invites you to experience it for yourself. His science is in experiencing…
    Anyways if you don’t understand what is happening… since of course no body you have known ever lead a life of austerity then at least don’t be judgmental.
    Meditation is an experience. We can never rationalize and comprehend Buddha boy’s experiences.

  8. ruby Says:

    Mr. Anonymous ,
    we only be,ieve what science says!! we take everything thats coming our way as granted. if some one try to use his brain we say “its not possible” . Brain is only thing whats moving us ahead. Only draw back of scientists is that they use brain power to develope other brains i.e. machines to make the work easier, chips, electronics, space shuttles etc but no one is trying to use his brain to empower him self. If brain can create aeroplane, it has power to let the humans fly without any machine. If brain can create settelites, it has power to see the world while sitting at home (telepathy is example).

    Sadly, people critisize it. if Budha Boy is doing some thing, let him do. if u cant praise, at least dont critisize.

    If u believe in history, ancient hindu’s have power to fly, to see whats happening any where in world …. all these things are clearly written in ancient documents. But we say “its gossips, its not possible”.

    If u want to critise, show the proof like budha boy eating at night…. It seems u served him pizza.

  9. TRUTH Says:

    WHen did the buddha boy come back. Its not yet been 6 years and who is this person , who has come in place of him

  10. woho Says:

    yea, it was big news here when this guy went into meditation for a long time… read his bio if u can get it… it’s so FREAKIN SIMILAR to that of gautam buddha

  11. Alesandra Says:

    The nature of this individual is not what really matters. I believe that if we have more people “preaching” words of peace and asuterity, we are achieving something.
    In the owrld we live at, with “labels” and “identities” we don’t let the message get through.
    If he eats or not doesn’t worry me, what I’m interested on, is that everyday more and more people understand that peace is the only way of succeding. No more wars and loving others is the only “right” way. I’m gald that young people like him is trying to solve more and more problems by preaching in what HE believes.
    Let’s not be judgmental and try to understand that behind all this “buddha” veil is a human who tries to make of the world a better place to live.

    ♥please recycle!!!♥

  12. Anonymous Says:

    No siddharta.

  13. litehouse Says:

    hey is it 4 real?

  14. woho Says:

    dunno…. when i read bout him all dis seems 4 real, but when i check out his vids he seems more of a grouchy, creepy guy who keeps sneaking glances at the video camera that’s shooting footages of him

  15. Victoria Says:

    Some of the most incredible events are takign place I find this fascinating!

  16. Dinoop Says:

    just watch this Discovery video