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Study: Kid-Biting Dogs Have Emotional Problems

Dogs that bite children have often not bitten kids before, but they tend to have underlying behavioural or medical problems, indicates research in the journal Injury Prevention.

The same can be said of children who bite dogs.

The research team analysed the circumstances surrounding 111 cases of dog bite over a period of four years. All the 103 dogs involved had bitten children and had been referred to the same veterinary behaviour clinic.

Young children were much more likely to be bitten when dogs felt their food or other resources, such as toys, were under threat.

Hey, even the Dowbrigade has been known to get snappish when his food or toys are threatened.

Behavioural analysis revealed that, the guarding of resources and territory were the most common causes of aggression among the dogs.

As among nations of men.

Three quarters also exhibited anxiety, when left by their owners, or when exposed to noise, such as thunderstorms or fireworks.

Are they talking about the dogs or the children?

Demonstrable fear may signal a tendency towards biting when faced with a perceived threat, say the authors


And young children in particular can be noisy and unpredictable in their movements, both of which could frighten an already anxious dog.

Or a curmudgeonly college professor. Watch out kids.

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26 Responses to “Study: Kid-Biting Dogs Have Emotional Problems”

  1. I was bite by my dog

  2. I think that kids like to pick on dog thats why they git bit

  3. i think dogs should be dead

  4. i dont like dogs cuz they bit half my face off

  5. […] unknown article is brought to you using rss feeds.Dogs are fantastic and so is this post.Dogs that bite children have often not bitten kids before, but they tend to have underlying behavioural or medical problems, indicates research in the journal Injury Prevention. The same can be said of children who bite dogs. … […]

  6. Thank you for this helpful information. I think we, especially kids should be careful all the time since we cannot initially take control of the dog’s biting manner, given that there is some emotional problem that lies behind.


  7. I am considering getting a dog in the very near future. My neighbor has an Irish Terrier and he’s so cute. I hope I can afford to get one.

  8. There have been a lot of studies related to dog bite incidents. Most involve young boys. Now there has not been a lot of studies related to kids biting dogs…sure to come as the trend increases!

    Seriously, people need to get their pets into school to avoid the issues that seem to plague over 3.7 million people each year–at least those who report the dog bites in the United States.

  9. stop being mean to dogs and they will not bit you u make dog look bad

  10. Dogs are also a lot more likely to bite in high pressure or unfamiliar times. For example, lots of dogs get stressed at holidays when there are lots of new people around such as Christmas. THey are much more likely to bite in these situations.

  11. It’s dog owners that need school rather than the dogs. The problems is people treating dogs like people. Dogs will follow their instincts – so you’d better understand them and read their body language!

  12. I would not go as far to say that dogs have emotions, what they do hve is insticts that resemble emotions

  13. Great post! I love that you are taking the time to write about pet care. This is something near and dear to my heart. Take care.

  14. thanks for this great information. dog bites is been a really problem in America. people are getting injured due to dog bites. people should be made aware of dog critical habits to bite.

  15. Most dogs that bite children have a dominant temperament, which is inappropiate for a family dog.

  16. Thanks for such wonderful information. This is a new perspective for kids and dogs.

  17. It’s sad that so many dogs wind up in shelters because of biting someone. It’s particularly unfortunately because many people seem to expect dogs to think and act like people – and they don’t.

    If you’re looking to support the shelter system, there are some really good ones out there! I’ve got a list of some of my favorites that could really use financial support in the Resources section of my website – campingdogsupplies.com

    Consider donating! Many of these also have retraining programs to help the dogs adapt and learn new behaviors.

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  19. I totally agree with that!!

  20. With proper training, even anxious dogs can learn appropriate behavior in stressful situations, thus reducing the risk of biting.

  21. I have been involved in the dog business for a number of years and I also have two young children. It is hard to get kids to understand that blowing in the dogs ear, running around and screaming and pulling on a dog’s tail can get them bit. No matter how many times you tell them, they still cannot seem to help themselves. Some dogs tempermants are going to make them more susceptible to biting and you will end up having only one option. Genetics has so very much to do with it.

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