Toilet Museum Moving to Watertown


WATERTOWN – The newest addition to Pleasant Street certainly doesn’t stink.

What was once a tourist attraction in Worcester is now heading through the pipelines to Watertown. The American Sanitary Plumbing Museum, aka “the toilet museum,” is moving to the West End with a promise to “bowl” people over.

The largest plumbing contractor in New England, J.C. Cannistraro LLC, has inherited the collection. It plans to expand the museum at the company’s headquarters on Rosedale Road, off the Pleasant Street corridor. The museum will be relocated to a 150-year-old former icehouse located on the property.

John Cannistraro Jr., president of J.C. Cannistraro LLC, said the
visitors in Watertown can expect an expanded display of the collection
— antique commodes, wooden pipes, water heaters, chain-pull toilets and
ornate porcelain thrones dating back to the early 19th century —
portraying a “progression of the industry” from the 1700s through today.

from the Watertown Tab

The Dowbrigade has a long-standing interest in toilets in general and urinals in particular, and so the news that a world-class collection is moving to our own town has filled us with excitement and civic pride. We can’t wait to call our brother-in-law in Flushing, NY to crow.

In fact, we have documented several possible additions to this valuable collection, including the candy-apple red open-mouthed urinal and the anti-drunk driving talking urinal from New Mexico. We definitely will have to give Mr. Cannistraro a call…..

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13 Responses to Toilet Museum Moving to Watertown

  1. Richard says:

    that toilet is the same as the one at my house! my landlord tells me its fine lol

  2. that is one old school loo well at least it will keep your bum warm

  3. Sanitation is historically an important revolution, which has improved the health of society as we know it.

  4. William says:

    Doesn’t seem to be appropriate with the city’s new image. Are they kidding us citizen?

  5. Ron says:

    Hello, I am interested in visiting this toilet museum when it officially opens in the new location of Watertown, MA. Could someone please contact me with the address and phone number and the opening dates.
    Thank you,
    Mrs. Elisabeth Campagnone

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  8. Interesting museum, I probably will visit based this post’s enthusiasm

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