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NYTimes reports 33-year orgasm!

An interesting article appeared in yesterday’s New York Times on life at the San Francisco sex commune One Taste Urban Retreat Center. Even the venerable Grey Lady is showing a little cleavege in these dark days for print journalism…

MS. DAEDONEā€™S inspiration and mentor as a sex guru was Ray Vetterlein, who achieved fame of sorts in sex circles by claiming to lengthen the average female orgasm to 20 minutes.

Mr. Vetterlein, now in his 80s, was inspired by Lafayette Morehouse, a controversial 40-year-old community still in existence in suburban Lafayette, Calif., that has been conducting public demonstrations of a woman in orgasm since 1976.

We know that woman! In fact, if she is indeed who we think she is, we were largely responsible for that original orgasm back in ’76. Us, a bottle of Roher 714s, Merck flake and a pair of snakeskin boots…..

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7 Responses to “NYTimes reports 33-year orgasm!”

  1. nah, the original orgasm demo in 1976 was only three hours long, so I don’t think it was your handiwork

    [it was all fingers, nothing else]

  2. There’s a difference between vaginal orgasms and clitoral orgasms…

    The clitoral orgasm is shorter and more localised, the vaginal orgasm (which tends to be G-spot related) is longer and the sensation is more intense and spread over a much larger area. If you are ever lucky enough to have both at once.. you’ll never ever forget it.

    Most women seem to have clitoral orgasms which can last between 10 and 30 seconds. The vaginal ones have a much longer build-up and are sometimes multiples, and can leave you with a sensation afterwards that can last for ages. Quite disconcerting if you have to go and do something else!

  3. Wow…. 1976…. that is a bit before my time, but orgasms for up to 20 minutes, I definately take my hat off to that. I am wondering what the art is behind that.

  4. Ha, this is the greates story I have ever heard.
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  5. It just goes to show how time flies when you are having fun. Our experience of time is relative to how intensely we are experiencing it. Sounds like she was intensly enjoying it. Sadly no thanks to me either.

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