Press: “Ann Arbor Library Frames Tech Issues: eBooks cited as challenge for future of public libraries”

Posted by Kenny Whitebloom on March 25, 2011 in Press.

“Monday’s meeting of the AADL board included an animated discussion about how digital books are transforming the publishing industry, and the impact those changes are having on public libraries.

“Eli Neiburger’s avatar – or click the photo to see how he looks in real life. Neiburger has been named by Library Journal as one of its 2011 Movers & Shakers.

“The topic stemmed from a report by AADL director Josie Parker, who described her experience at a recent working group meeting for the Digital Public Library of America. At that invitation-only event, Parker framed the discussion among industry leaders regarding the future of public access to information, from the perspective of public libraries.”

From Mary Morgan’s article in the Ann Arbor Chronicle, “eBooks cited as challenge for future of public libraries

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