[March 13, 2012] Financial/Business Models Workshop

[March 13, 2012] Financial/Business Models Workshop

The first Digital Public Library of America Financial/Business Models Workshop took place in Ann Arbor, MI in the University of Michigan’s Shapiro Undergraduate Library on March 13, 2012. Participants included workstream members, liaisons from other DPLA workstreams, and general members from the Financial/Business Models workstream listserv.

This first meeting was purposely scheduled after workshops hosted by other DPLA workstreams, as our work is dependent upon the results of the other groups. Workshop goals included aggregating information from other workstreams in order to identify a pilot project (or two) for funding. Another objective was to determine next steps to obtain cost estimates and explore funding options, with the goal of getting a pilot project running successfully and then using what we learn to extend the model to other domains.




Please contact the Financial/Business Models workstream coordinator, Mary Morris, at 734-615-7876 or  mcmorris at umich.edu.