Looking for collections

Now that we’re more public, we’ll be blogging more (I hope and intend).

We’re working on getting our initial build up, and have run into some of the usual sorts of problems getting it mounted on our new VM. It may take a day or two.

In the meantime, we’re continuing to look for collection metadata we can make accessible through the platform’s API. The ideal collection metadata (for our nefarious purposes) would be completely unencumbered, would attach both at the level of the collection and of items, and would point at an interesting variety of media types. If you’ve got some lying around, let us know. In fact, you can be the first person to try our email address:┬ádev@dp.la. And if that doesn’t work, for now use my address:  self at evident.com

To those who have contributed already or are in the process: Thanks!