Hello world

This is where the dev core team working on the DPLA platform will be blogging. Is blogging.

Now to explicate that first sentence: The DPLA is the Digital Public Library of America. The platform will be a set of services to enable developers to build apps and integrations that make use of the metadata being contributed to the DPLA; that metadata will point at and contextualize distributed content and collections. That’s roughly the idea, anyway. One of the main challenges facing the DPLA (and obviously directly affecting the core dev team)  is figuring out exactly what that means. Finally, the dev core is the small group of people dedicated to developing the platform, in public and collaboratively. The launch date for the DPLA is April, 2013. Ulp.

There’s not a lot to see at this dev core site yet. We are right now in the process of putting together the initial set of communication tools, which will include a mailing list, a wiki, an irc channel, and a twitter account. What are we missing?

The dev core is housed at Harvard, and consists of people from the Berkman Center, the Library Innovation Lab, the DPLA Secretariat, and Pod Consulting. This is an interim team, in place until April 27, 2012, when the DPLA meets in plenary session in San Francisco.

  • Nick Caramello
  • Daniel Collis-Puro
  • Paul Deschner
  • Sebastian Diaz
  • Kim Dulin
  • Rebekah Heacock
  • Maura Marx
  • Laura Miyakawa
  • Matt Phillips
  • David Weinberger

We’ve also been consulting with Martin Kalfatovic and Chris Freeland, co-chairs of the DPLA Tech Workstream, and hope and plan and count on working closely with the entire Tech Workstream.

There will be a home page for this effort at http://dp.la/dev/, but for now we’re thinking that will be mainly just a simple directory of pages. We expect the bulk of the substantial communication will be at the wiki, which Daniel C-P is putting together even as I type this.

We’ll have more to say. For now: We’re excited! And we’re counting on you – yes, you –  to help make the DPLA a reality by April 2013.