Technical overview posted

Way too long since the last post. Sorry. We’ve been head down writing a technical overview/specification/scope for the prototype platform we’re building. The first rev is now up, as a pdf for your reading pleasure, and as a Google Doc for your commenting pleasure. (These links are on the wiki’s Technical Overview page.)

The doc includes a functional description, a scope section explaining what will be in Phase 1 (April 27) and beyond, and a set of scenarios.

Read and comment! We’re eager to know where we’re going wrong, what we haven’t thought about, better ways of doing what we’re proposing, and anything else.

Building the scope…

We’ve been quiet on the blog, and also have delayed the second build (which is all but done and will be really interesting, we think). because We’re heads down in building a provisional scope document, tracing it out from strategy to functionality to a task list. We hope to have something in good enough shape to look at quite soon so that you all can debug it.