2020 Influencer Marketing Report

Over the past few years, there has been a significant shift in the multi-billion dollar influencer marketing industry. Yet, one of the largest shifts was seen in 2020. As schools and businesses were shut down and individuals entered isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, society turned to social media to carry on with daily life and seek connection. Due to both the amount of time being spent on social media by consumers and the rise of new TikTok influencers, the influencer marketing industry began to thrive – and it hasn’t slowed down since. 

In 2020, NeoReach analyzed thousands of sponsored YouTube videos through their social intelligence software in order to collect data on the platform’s top spenders, industries, and trends in influencer marketing. Through this data, the company constructed a full Social Intelligence Insights Report highlighting each of these elements. You can download the full report here.

NeoReach’s report provides a holistic view of YouTube influencer marketing in 2020 and demonstrates the many changes that have occurred in the industry. Let’s take a look at the highlights:

Top Industries

The overall metrics for YouTube influencer marketing sponsorships are extremely impressive, especially compared to those of previous years. 4,449 brands. $1.1 billion spent. 9 billion views. Each of the 4,449 brands made up 19 industries. Here are the metrics of all the industries combined:

Metrics 2020
Total IMV $1,113,295,957.30
Total Sponsored Views 8,917,647,185
Total Reach 51,467,896,940
Total Videos 31,317
Total Likes 354,394,983
Total Comments 30,326,133
Total Engagement 51,822,291,923
Average IMV $35,549
Average Sponsored Views 284,754
Average Reach 1,643,449
Average Likes 11,316
Average Comments 968
Total Brands 4,449


The top five industries of 2020 were Tech, Gaming, Food/Drink, Beauty, and Fashion. NeoReach focuses mainly on Tech, Gaming, and Food/Drink. Those three industries are consistently the top brands in influencer marketing and continue to be pioneers for other brands in the industry as a whole. Now, let’s look at the data for each of the top three industries:

  1. Tech

The Tech industry is the number one highest spending industry in YouTube influencer marketing. Through nearly 7.4k videos, the Tech industry reached an IMV of $336 million with a reach of 17 billion. Here’s a breakdown of the metrics:

Metrics 2020
Total Videos 7,396
Total IMV $366,370,788.14
Total Reach 16,979,935,900
Total Views 2,853,794,683
Total Likes 122,303,247
Total Comments 10,509,311
Like to Dislike Ratio 61.69
Average IMV $49,536.34
Average Reach 2,295,827
Average Views 385,857
Average Comments 1,421
Average Likes 16,546


Top Spenders in the Tech Industry:

  • Honey
  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • Raycon
  • Squarespace

Top Influencers in the Tech Industry:

  • PewDiePie
  • MrBeast6000
  • TheEllenShow
  • SSSniperWolf
  • CollinsKey
  1. Gaming

The Gaming industry is the second highest spending industry in YouTube influencer marketing. Through over 5.6k videos, they reached a total IMV of $193 million and a reach of over 10 billion. Check out the metrics below:

Metrics 2020
Total Videos 5,659
Total IMV $193,128,686.00
Total Reach 10,005,615,960
Total Views 1,558,664,875
Total Likes 60,890,058
Total Comments 5,030,292
Like to Dislike Ratio 56.47
Average IMV $34,127.71
Average Reach 1,768,089
Average Views 275,431
Average Comments 889
Average Likes 10,760


Top Spenders in the Gaming Industry:

  • Epic Games
  • Raid Shadow Legends
  • Ubisoft
  • Arkade Blaster
  • Monster Legends

Top Influencers in the Gaming Industry:

  • PDK Films
  • Dude Perfect
  • MegaToadStonie
  1. Food/Drink

The Food/Drink Industry is the third highest spending industry in YouTube influencer marketing. Through almost 3k videos, they reached an IMV of $130 million and a reach of over 8 billion. Let’s take a look at the metrics:

Metrics 2020
Total Videos 2,897
Total IMV $130,258,455.00
Total Reach 8,143,878,510
Total Views 1,014,767,386
Total Likes 43,611,458
Total Comments 3,643,738
Like to Dislike Ratio 69.27
Average IMV $44,963.22
Average Reach 2,811,142
Average Views 350,282
Average Comments 1,258
Average Likes 15,054


Top Spenders in the Food/Drink Industry

  • Bang Energy
  • Reese’s
  • G Fuel
  • Hello Fresh
  • Dr. Pepper


Top Influencer in the Food/Drink Industry

  • PewDiePie
  • Dude Perfect
  • HoomanTvOfficial

Top Spenders

Out of thousands of brands, ten stood out the most – receiving over 3 billion views and investing $368 million combined in influencer marketing on YouTube. These are YouTube’s top ten spenders of 2020:

Brand Number of Videos Number of Influencers Total Views
Honey 234 151 866,385,800
Bang Energy 748 35 446,680,146
ExpressVPN 999 113 364,295,695
NordVPN 341 153 293,408,601
Epic Games 600 170 304,270,946
Skillshare 1,132 497 215,916,830
Ridge Wallet 1,009 271 201,139,304
Raycon 293 156 209,484,792
Audible 484 153 154,937,801
Squarespace 685 139 134,941,520


Honey, the top spending brand of 2020, invested $62.7 million in influencer marketing. The majority of their sponsored videos were integrated videos where an influencer would promote the brand within their video for a certain amount of time. In these promotions, the influencers typically intend to increase brand awareness or to encourage followers to click the link their in bio to use the platform. The top sponsored video of 2020 was a video by YouTuber MrBeast sponsored by Honey. The video had an IMV of over $5 million, a reach of over 40 million, more than 40 million views, and over 2 million likes 

Each of the top spenders also increased their social media following and developed a stronger online presence. ExpressVPN rose the most, with an increase of 209%. Here’s a breakdown:

Although the influencer marketing industry is rising more than ever before, we can expect to see its popularity continue to grow as our society becomes increasingly reliant on social media and the internet. Through NeoReach’s report and the astonishing success of the industry, it is clear that influencer marketing will be prominent for years to come.

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