Why Pursuing an MBA in Europe is a good idea

Once you’ve decided that your career can only advance with an MBA, it’s time to figure out where exactly you’re going to earn your degree. With so many different universities to choose from, both at home and abroad, deciding on which one best suits your needs can be a long and arduous process. After much research, we’ve compiled a list of compelling reasons that one of the many prestigious universities of Europe can be an excellent choice for anyone seeking to complete their MBA abroad.

Small Class Size

One way in which European universities are superior to those in North America and Australia is by generally having smaller, more intimate class sizes. This can vary greatly from country to country and university to university, but when ranked, on average students that attended business school in Europe had more access to one on one time with their instructors due to a much smaller overall class size. Therefore, if having a higher degree of interaction between you and your professor is something that you truly value, and then you should strongly consider universities within Europe.

Shorter Time Commitment

While an MBA usually takes two years to complete in both India and the United States, it can often be accomplished in just one year within Europe. With a shorter completion time you’ll be able to enter the workforce and start paying back the high costs of achieving an MBA much quicker than your counterparts who stayed in India or who attended university in the USA. While this completion time will require fulltime university attendance, and some programmes may take up to 18 months to complete, they are still quicker than the average two year completion time in other parts of the world.

Higher Overall Salary

Of the top ten countries with the highest average salary paid out to those with MBAs, five of them are in Europe. The number one country, Switzerland, on average pays $123,500 per year, which is $20,000 more than the second place country on the list, the United States which pays $102,100 per year, on average. India, on the other hand, pays an average of $66,500 a year for an MBA graduate, not even making it into the top ten. Since one of the best routes to getting hired in a foreign country is to pursue your education in that country, it makes good sense for someone who desires a higher overall salary to attend university within the European Union. This will not only acquaint you to the culture and language of the country that you would like to work in, but it will also present you opportunities to gain internships and familiarize yourself with the corporations that you desire to work for.

Overall Costs

While earning your MBA isn’t going to be a cheap process no matter where you study, earning one in Europe is generally much cheaper than earning one from North America, Australia or nearly anywhere else for that matter. Seven out of the top ten cheapest locations in the world to earn an MBA are in Europe, and some of these countries, such as Denmark, do not even charge any tuition whatsoever. Combine this with the overall shorter study time required, and earning your degree in Europe becomes even more cost efficient.

Variety of Universities to Choose From

Europe is a large continent with a variety of interesting and diverse universities in which you can choose to study. Throughout these universities, there is a more varied set of MBA programmes than would be available in most other locations. This allows a student to be able to choose from a range of different programmes located in many exciting countries and cultures. So regardless of what you hope to achieve out of your degree, there is an excellent chance that there’s a university somewhere across the continent of Europe that will be able to serve your needs.

Increase Your Network

Due to the wide appeal of earning an MBA in Europe, European universities tend to attract people from all walks of life and from nearly every country on this planet. For this reason, attending a European university gives a person an excellent opportunity to build a wide international network. Knowing a large amount of business professionals from around the world in this global marketplace can only be beneficial to you, so it’s an excellent resource that you’re far more likely to receive while studying in Europe.

An MBA from Europe can be cheaper, quicker to complete, and lead to a higher salary. For these reasons alone it seems like it’s an obvious choice to pursue your degree here. While there are still many advantages to gaining MBA’s elsewhere, such as in the Unites States or India, the advantages of Europe make it a difficult contender to surpass. So while other study abroad locations are better suited for certain needs, it pays to be knowledgeable of the array of benefits that an education in Europe can offer.

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