Spring Term

Even though it is still very cold, the Spring Term has begun. My courses are…

Managing Financial Resources in Nonprofit Organizations (James Honan) – introductory course for financial management practices and problems for nonprofit organizations. I am considering converting a for-profit organization into a nonprofit. This course will provide guidelines for setting up the financial reporting system of the new nonprofit.

Good Work in education: where Excellence, Ethics and Engagement meet (Howard Gardner) – framework for identifying individuals and institutions that do Good Work. I will be doing research about young people and good work, a topic I have been interested in for several years.

Adult Development (Bob Kegan) – while most other courses at HGSE deal with educating the young, this course focuses on development of humans as adults. I will learn a lot on three levels: self-discovery, managing adults in an organization and understanding their development issues, understanding adolescents who are on the cusp of adulthood.

Continuation of two courses from previous term: Proseminar School Leadership and School Leadership in Nontraditional Settings.

One more to be added: either an independent project relating to the development of a Japanese language teaching website or Interdisciplinary Studies…. to be determined soon.

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