Mosque Mosaic (Week 6)

After seeing so many different mosque designs during Week #6, I decided to toss my own design into the ring.  Specifically, I chose to create a tiled mosaic that I envision covering an interior wall of a modern mosque.

In the film “Islamic Art: Mirror of an Invisible World,” viewers were exposed to mosques that were colorful, detailed, and elaborate, and I sought to create the same thing.  Each of the interior tiles of my design is an image of one of the many mosques found around the globe.   I use 160 different images, each colorful and representative of the many different styles of mosques that men have created over the centuries.

The gold tiling in the center of the mosaic spells “Allah” in Arabic.  Additionally, there are 99 gold tiles used to spell “Allah” and this was done to acknowledge the fact that there are 99 different names for Him.


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