Satan and His Kingdom

Believers are seated with Christ in heavenly places, far above all powers and principalities of darkness. No demon can deter the believer who is seated with Christ far above all the works of the enemy! Our seating and reigning with Christ in heavenly places is a position of authority, honor, and triumph not failure, depression, and defeat.

Since the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ has the triumph and victory over the devil and his cohorts in every encounter, why. does it seem so many believers are subject to Satan and his deceptions?

Whether or not believers are victorious over the devil depends on what view they have of themselves as the Church – militant, defeated, or triumphant. It all depends on how well they understand their position in Christ.

The militant Church depicts a body of believers who are not yet seated in heavenly places in Christ and are still “battling” to try to gain the victory over an enemy that hasn’t been defeated yet by the Lord Jesus Christ.

The defeated Church also gives us a picture of a Church which is ignorant of the fact that they are seated with Christ and that they are supposed to be reigning in life through Jesus Christ. Because they are ignorant of their position in Christ or they’ve never used the authority they really possess, these believers are constantly ravaged by the wiles of Satan and are in a state of continual failure and defeat.

But the triumphant Church is the biblical perspective of the Body of Christ seated with Christ in heavenly places far above all powers and principalities (Eph. 1:3; 2:6). The triumphant Church scripturally portrays a Body of believers who not only know but exercise their authority in Christ and therefore reign victoriously in life through Jesus Christ over Satan, a defeated foe (Rom. 5:17).

In this age when demon activity is increasing around the world, it is vital that believers know what their redemption in Christ entitles them to. We need to be fully convinced of the authority that is ours because of the victory Jesus has already won for us over all the power of the enemy. The only way we can have confidence in our authority over the enemy is to know and walk in the light of the written Word of God. With that introduction, let’s go to the Book of beginnings, Genesis, and start our study by investigating the origins of Satan and lis kingdom.

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