Berkman Conversation on Africa’s Internet Infrastructure

Tuesday, April 10, 12:30 pm
Berkman Center Conference Room
23 Everett Street, Second Floor, Cambridge, MA

Guest: Eric Osiakwan and Ethan Zuckerman
Topic: “Africa’s Internet Infrastructure”

Following up from their Luncheon Series talk from last September, Eric and Ethan will discuss current developments in Africa’s Internet and communications infrastructure. We’ll learn about exciting possibilities and innovations, as well as challenges, in connecting African communities to each other and to the global web.

Eric Osiakwan is the Executive Secretary both of the African Internet Service Providers Association (AfrISPA) and the Ghana Internet Service Providers Association (GISPA). He is also a Visiting Fellow and Scholar at the Stanford University and Reuters Foundation Digital Vision Program, and a Berkman Center affiliate. During the past four years, he has been involved in several information and communication technology (ICT) related projects and initiatives in the US, Europe and Africa for a number of Governments, companies, NGOs, and international agencies.

Ethan Zuckerman is a Berkman Center fellow, focusing on the impact of technology on the developing world. His current projects include a study of global media attention, research on the use of weblogs and other social software in the developing world, and work on a clearinghouse for software for international development. Ethan is also a co-founder of the Berkman-sponsored popular international citizen journalism project Global Voices.

Ethan’s blog:
Last September’s Luncheon Series talk:…

This event will be webcast live. Webcast viewers can join the discussion through IRC text chat or in the virtual world Second Life. For information about our event webcasts and remote participation, see…. If you miss the live chat, catch the podcast audio & video at MediaBerkman, at…. Lunch is provided to those who RSVP.


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