Wildlife around the Museum

As you might already know, the Ernst Mayr Library has a colony of hissing cockroaches as library pets. Recently these cockroaches have moved to larger digs. The new, big tank was donated by Dr. Alan Grant, a Visiting Scientist at HSPH. Thank you Dr. Grant! Stop by and hold a few hissing cockroaches and you will wonder why you ever thought your cat was so cuddly.
Hissing cockroaches as Library pets
Occasionally you can also see wildlife around the MCZ–living animals, not just the amazing research collections full of treasures or the incredible exhibits in the Harvard Museum of Natural History.
In June, I walked out of the building and was privileged to watch a turkey hen foraging. The turkey didn’t seem bothered by the people walking along the paths.

More recently, as I hurried to the Oxford St. garage, anxious to get home, I was stopped in my tracks when I saw a young rabbit hopping around near the entrance.

Romantically, I would like to think there is a previously unknown breeding colony of New England Cottontails (Sylvilagus transitionalis) finding enough scrubby acreage to survive and stealthily hiding from the humans at Harvard,

New England Cottontail, TheAnimalFiles.com

or even some sneaky Eastern cottontails (Sylvilagus floridanus). Alas, I am probably living in a fantasy world and this one has escaped from a less ideal setting. Any mammalogists want to comment?

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