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November 29, 2003

Re-Opening Sooner or Later

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 2:51 am

Reorganization, Renovations & Experimentation are underway.  Pursuant to the following Notice, we’ll be re-opening soon, with a new name, but the same old management.

Notice: New Survival Strategy

 As discussed in its “final” posting on Oct. 11, 2003, the webjournal formerly known as ethicalEsq? was undercapitalized and understaffed.  By order of a specially-appointed  Reorganization Committee, and so as to greatly reduce human operating resources, the management of said webjournal has been directed to cover only positive developments in the area of legal ethics and to otherwise lighten up and prioritize.  Details of this reorganization are still being worked out and a trial period will be held before a final operating permit is granted.

  • Our promise: More taste/Less filling  
  • Reservations suggested 
  • Watch this space

Even now, in the righthand margin, you can find frequently-changing haiku offerings in our haikuesque feature, along with the Legal Ethics Resources menu for access to listings and postings from ethicalEsq?  Please leave your Comments and suggestions on format, appearance, tone, etc.

?? Already Hungry for Legal Reform News?  The Bar & Grill may not be open yet for business, but HALT has recently announced launching its new Legal Reform eJournal, which is a free, twice-monthly publication, “written to inform HALT members and other legal reformers about happenings at HALT and all across the country” — including reform news, upcoming legislative efforts, and judicial developments.  You can subscribe to a free e-mail edition at the HALT website, where you will also find Breaking News, and have access to Press Releases, The Legal Reformer Newsletter, and many other resources. 

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