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August 16, 2004

for Dafur’s victims

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the killer’s hands
    fold a paper

seen it all, done it all
         and now

pawn pawn horiz

by David G. Lanoue, from Haiku Guy (a novel).  

(Red Moon Press, 2000)  

it is!   it isn’t!
genocide – –
just stop it         
                  [Aug. 16, 2004]

one-breath pundit  

Update on our July 17 posting:  Brian Breedlove, whose NY law firm is openly competing on contingency fees with its Fair Fee Promise ads, is hearing grumbling from other lawyers for “breaking the Holy Grail.”  Ethically speaking, he correctly concludes ,  “Nobody does it, but I think it’s required.” (Rocky Mountain News, On Point, Aug. 11, 2004)


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