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November 8, 2004

how far we’ve come since PhoneCon I

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Talk about being out of the loop: I missed PhoneCon 1876 [scroll to March 8 post].  I guess Jeneane’s invitation fell off

the Pony Express horse.  (Sure hope her servicemark had lapsed, when I touted PhonerCon1903,

back last November.)  Ms. Sessum focused on the “the emerging power of the Telephone as a 

tool to shape democracy, our flour and cotton mills, and our understanding of Rhode Islanders.”


                                                                                                                                                                               “phonecon la”


Jeneane could not have possibly foreseen the usefulness and revolutionary serendipity of the

telephone — celebrated here by haiku poets, each of whom is indeed, a proud telephone user:




a balloon hangs

from the telephone line

their missing son


                           Victor P. Gendrano 

                                    (homepage; wha bio)





her little feet

on the telephone book

piano practice


                            arkady elterman





a gray cubicle –
cicada songs
through a speaker phone


                        H. Curtis Dunlap

phone old


everywhere now
the sound of one
phone ringing

                  Ross Clark  from tinywords


fall migration

the phone lines busy

gathering birds

                           Kirsty Karkow,

                                   The Heron’s Nest V:1 (Jan 2003)



cell phone beeps

she takes off her shoes

at the airport checkpoint


                                Deborah P. Kolodji

                                          simply haiku 



by dagosan:

in his cave –

dial-up modem

blocks all calls


                                    [Nov 8, 2004] 


one-breath pundit  

  • When someone calls something a “no-brainer,” is it because they don’t want to think about

    it any more, or because they don’t want you to think about it?  Torque to me, baby!

  • If I were a praying man Dept.: oymore webloggers angsting over page hits and Da Impact

    of Da Blog!  (didn’t we start about here?) (loy calls it a snit)

  • It’s nice to see someone other than I poking fun at Florida’s “organized” bar. See

    RiskProf., who educates FATL on good price fixing and bad price fixing (and snits).

  • D&E is down on the parsing of “upon” by a California court.

  • We voiced some doubt the other day about TaxProf Blog‘s “visitor” totals.  But,

    we have no doubt that there is a lot of interesting stuff on that weblog.  E.g., see

    “OECD Releases New Data on Taxes as Percentage of GDP” and

    Red States Feed at Federal Trough, Blue States Supply the Feed”


    • Evan’s Commentor, the dual-Weblogger Sarni, wants to see more stuff about

      weblogging as a social trend.  It really does take all kinds. Maybe we can help.

    • Sarni might also want to check out this BloggerCon 3 list of things webloggers value:

      Things we value:
      Democracy, Non-exclusivity, Attribution.Transparency – disclosure, Innovation
      Personalization, Accessibility, Honesty, Creativity, Knowing who people are
      Editorial Independence, Connectedness, Anonymity

      Things we devalue
      Power law economics, Lack of Attribution, Anonymity, Wuffie-hoarding
      Links for money

[thanks to seth finkelstein, who left a pithy comment pointing to PhoneCon;                                                   phone ringing

see the original PhoneCon logo, here (designed by rageboy]


  1. Thank you for the link to the BloggerCon website – when I said that perhaps I was looking in the wrong places on the net, it was not a facetious comment masking the assumption that I *did* know everything on the topic, but rather an acknowledgement that I am rather set in my surfing ways and don’t always find my way to sites like this.

    Cheers. :-)

    Comment by sarni — November 8, 2004 @ 7:52 pm

  2. Hi, Sarni, thanks for stopping by.  I didn’t think you were being facetious or presumptuous.  I was a little bemused, however, as I had spent the past couple days poking fun at webloggers who seem to take the anthropolical/societal significance of weblogging a tiny bit too seriously.
    I just fixed the link to PhoneCon 1876 and to its logo, if you tried them and were disappointed.  Sorry for any inconvenience.
    If you haven’t seen the Perseus White PaperThe Blogging Iceberg — from last Fall, I’d suggest checking it out.  Jay Rosen’s post today giving his reaction to BloggerCon III is also worth a look.

    Comment by David Giacalone — November 8, 2004 @ 10:45 pm

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