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November 17, 2004

support the antitrust institute

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Because I believe that strong antitrust enforcement and wise competition policy are crucial to America’s consumers

and economy, and benefit most of its businesses, I want to ask you to support the American Antitrust Institute.  [I have volunteered my services to aai over the past few years, compiling its Guide to Antitrust Resources on the Web.]


podium sf  AAI is a national, independent education, research, and advocacy organization dedicated to a more expansive role for the law and institutions of antitrust.  Please click here for a message from aai’s president, Bert Foer, explaining why — in this post-Election2004 world — AAI’s mission is more important than ever and its need for financial support greater than ever..  Priority projects at AAI this year include:

  • monitoring the work of the Antitrust Modernization Commission, where many important battles will be fought

    over the next three years (see Foer law review articleNAAG; CEI; and disinfopedia)

  • improving public education about the benefits of competition for the American consumer and economy

  • continuing advocacy and scholarly work relating to network access, the balance of intellectual property rights

    and competition, buyer power, academic publishing and antitrust, and energy markets


this world today–
for one chrysanthemum
a gold coin


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