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November 17, 2004

the guard positions himself

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traffic light

after the storm, icicles

change hue



Chinese treasures:

the guard positions himself

near the erotica


by Pamela Miller Ness, from The Can Collector’s Red Socks (2003),
a haiku sequence


one-breath pundit

tiny check Professor Ghosh at AntitrustProf Blog keeps posting items that remind me

that competition policy and antitrust aren’t just important, they’re interesting.  E.g.,

In Text and Pretext in Antitrust Law he asks “If conservative jurists advocate strict

constructionism, then why are they so willing to inject contemporary economic thinking

into statutory antitrust laws?  Ghosh points to in an article by Professors Daniel Farber

and Brett McDonnell.


In IP Stifling Competition, Ghosh notes that both the Dept. of Justice and the FTC are

continuing to study the anti-competitive effects of intellectual property rights.


Antitrust for wine connoisseurs describes Douglas Whitman’s book Strange Brew, a study of

state and federal regulations that restrict competition in the wine industry.


fragile glass

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