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February 1, 2005

starter snowmen

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The downpour ends . . .
much discussion inside
the balsam fir



After the burial
my eyes on the shadows
of everything




Flooded plain —
fence tops show which water
belongs to whom



skaterSignN George Swede from The Heron’s Nest                   




from dagosan

in the freezer, 

three starter snowmen —

not a cloud in the sky

                                   [Feb. 1, 2005]


one-breath pundit 

Responding to a post by Musclehead, Evan Schaeffer asks wolf dude neg

Why are lawyers so despised?”  We have written on this

topic far too frequently to offer a one-breath summary.  Check

out the posts on ethicalEsq‘s Professionalism/Competence/Zeal

page.   If you must read only one post, make it this one.   The

problem is surely much more than Musclehead’s concern that

we do whatever the client wants, and much more than over-the-

top advertising, as Evan has suggested.


tiny check  He’s a who?  Professor Bainbridge is a little bit surprised to be lumped

in with a purported lists of Lefties.  He also is giving the Democrats way

too much credit for longterm strategizing. 


skaterSignG  George M. Wallace asks which world you’d prefer to live in.  Good

question.  Put me in Roberterson Davies’ corner, please.  You’re only

as miserable as you choose to be. 

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