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June 29, 2005

one very gray sunset

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red dragonfly
redder still
this sunset




solar eclipse

a beachball

floats on the pool




crescent moon

hair pulled across

his bald spot



“red dragonfly” – tinywords (May 6, 2005)

“crescent moon” & “solar eclipse” – Snapshots #9 (2001)





by summer sweat —

you’re still gone




one week without

booming bass below —

the blare of “Jeopardy”

                [June 29, 2005]




“proffedUp”  Just when I was thinking Prof. Grace’s been slacking off, he’s produced a very

interesting post, with lots of stats and a chart, over at Point of Law on Med Mal Cost 2004 —

having calculated “the per capita premiums written, the per capita losses incurred, and the

per capita defense costs incurred for medical malpractice” for each state. 


tiny check  Our Commander in Chief said it again last night: “We will stay in Iraq as long as we are

needed – and not a day longer.”  If he truly believes there will be a date certain when his anti-

terrorist goals are met in Iraq, and we’ll be gone by the next day, he surely does not understand

the nature of terrorism in the 21st Century.


tiny check  Overlawyered.com brings welcome news: the 2nd Circuit has thrown out land

claims by the Cayuga tribe to 64,000 acres of land here in upstate New York.   I’m not so much

interested in the merits, as I am hoping to soon be rid of the endless duelling tribal advertisements —

hoping to sway our Legislature and public as to who will get to build casinos across the Empire State.


“tinyredcheck”  Being opinionated, while searching and researching across the internet, has left Your

Editor badly in need of a long punditry-free vacation.  My promise to myself is that f/k/a will go

“all-haiku” for the month of July.   Tomorrow: clearing out my In Box, including that Music Baton. 


               napper gray sm




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