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December 1, 2005

go, seek The Heron’s Nest

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Just glance down at the immediately-preceding post, and you’ll

know that I have not been having a haiku-oriented day.  As soon

as I finish this post, and take a quick nap, I plan to luxuriate at 

The Heron’s Nest, enjoying its brand new Winter 2005 edition. 


As is her wont, Carolyn Hall has a fine pair of haiku in

the new edition:



fireplace n


icy mortuary steps —
linen or muslin
for her shroud?





fireplace glow
first signs of fraying
in the cane-back rocking chair


fromThe Heron’s Nest (VII:4, Winter 2005)





“THNLogoF”  Two ex-lawyers snuck into this edition, too:



white jerseys

spread across the hockey field

Indian summer



    Barry George 







winding road —

under the influence

of a strawberry moon



    David Giacalone 


tiny check a Barry George bonus:



wee hours –
the leaves on the roof
shift again 









barely dawn–
the cat’s slow progress
toward the kitchen




“wee hours” (Jan. 2003) “barely dawn” (Jan. 2002)




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