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December 18, 2005

Roadrunner Haiku Journal is One Year Old

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Congratulations to Jason Sanford Brown on this first anniversary of the

premiere issue (V: I, Dec. 18, 2005) of his Roadrunner Haiku Journal

It took courage and commitment to envision and implement a new, internet-

only haiku journal, and Jason has been rewarded for having both.




The first edition had four haiku contributors, all of them well-known and

respected.   The fourth edition, posted in November, had 17 contributors,

and included some of the best haijin writing in English — established

masters, journeymen and new-comers.   We thank Jason for this new

contribution to the haiku world and wish him and Roadrunner all the best.

Go, see what Jason has wrought, with a little help from his haijin friends.


Here are three poems by Michael Dylan Welch from the

premiere edition: 



hummingbird at the window

–my blink

startles it away 






a stack of unread books

rain blows

against my lamp-lit window






cafeteria line–

the good-looking girl

looks at my plate




premiere issue (V: I, Dec. 18, 2005)


And, here’s a pair from Jim Kacian:



ancient mounds

imagining the builders

in their own language






rainy day

the left hand



Jim Kacian from Roadrunner Haiku Journal
premiere issue (V: I, Dec. 18, 2005)



MarilynMerlot potluck 

tiny check It’s not sweeps week, but Prof. Bainbridge is featuring a very

robust bottle of wine at both of his websites — Marilyn Merlot.

He is definitely putting the X back into the Christmas season

with this display.  Steve says “So how’s the wine? Good. Not great.

Fresh, forward blackberry and currant flavors dominate.”  With its

relatively high price, it gets a B-/B+ from the professor.  Go to his wine

weblog for the full review and view.


“spiltwine” update (5 PM):  I left the following Comment at Prof. B on Wine

a couple hours ago, but just went back and found it deleted

Now I know what Jesus would drink. 

You did say Magdalene Merlot, didn’t you?



first date

won’t be the last —

she likes the House Red




                                                                                        MarilynMerlotN MarilynMerlotNV


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