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January 31, 2006

potlawk (don’t you just love cute lawyer puns?)

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Are you calendar-challenged?  You are not alone.  Yesterday, I spent the   deskCalR

entire day knowing it was January 30th, and believing today would be the first

day of February.  As a self-help  measure that I hope will be of assistance

to those similarly afflicted, I found a link today to a rock’n’roll version of

by Jack Hartman. 



tiny check Like many others, Monica Bay, the Common Scold, was saddened

to learn of Wendy Wasserstein‘s death, at 55, from lymphonia. In

response, Monica wrote a truly moving appreciation, titled “Sweet

Dreams, Sweet Twin.”  It concludes, “Yesterday, the lights of Broad-

way dimmed in your memory, but your light will remain fierce in our



tiny check In a New York Times op/ed piece today, “28 Days to Save Darfur,”

Kenneth H. Bacon makes a very good recommendation to the U.S.,

as it starts a month at the head of the UN Security Council:                                                                              

“The United States has a vexing and inconsistent record on

Sudan. Periods of engagement have been followed by longer,

and troubling, periods of inaction. Now, with a month to lead

the Security Council, the United States has a chance to

show the world that we can do more than just talk about



phone old  Ever striving to help lawyers provide Perfect Client Service

Patrick Lamb reminds us that Speed [Is] The Essential Ingredient, when it

comes to answering client email or phone calls.  Lamb says:

Clients call when they do for a reason.  Its their reason and,

most of the time, it is an important reason.  You are the

SERVICE PROVIDER.  It is your job to honor their reasons.


Think minutes, not hours and certainly not days



a coyote call

goes unanswered

evening star

first blossoms

my cell phone

set to vibrate








winter hills

what the truck’s insurance

doesn’t cover




“first blossoms” – Walking the Same Path; Heron’s Nest VI:4 

 “a coyote call” – Acorn No. 6 (Spring 2001)

“first blossoms” – Hermitage

                                                                                                         coyote moon small     



  1. thanks for your very kind words. we will indeed miss ms. wasserstein

    Comment by Monica Bay — February 1, 2006 @ 5:48 am

  2. thanks for your very kind words. we will indeed miss ms. wasserstein

    Comment by Monica Bay — February 1, 2006 @ 5:48 am

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