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March 8, 2006

making a list — law weblogs collected at myHq

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For the reasons given here (scroll down to Link Love?), I have never

had a “blogroll.”  Nevertheless, tonight I did place a link in the f/k/a 

Sidebar to the myHq law weblog page, which originated with the un-

identified Editor of Blawg Review, and is being maintained by said Ed.

and BR‘s associate editor-elves. 




Nice List: The myHq aggregation of law-oriented weblogs is

comprehensive, presented in alphabeticized columns, on one

page, and divided into useful categories: e.g., Lawyers, Law

Students, Law Professors, Judges, Law Libarians, Humor,

and more.   I plan to use it to quickly find weblogs I don’t

have bookmarked on my computer, and to browse for sites

that may offer needed information or diversion, as appropriate.


The myHq compilation will be even more useful, if the list of web-

logs is broken into subject-matter categories.  Any such list

should, I think, be separate from the current list (perhaps further

down the page), so the current, broader designations can be kept.

tiny check  If you have a weblog, and your status

changes from student to lawyer, or professor to

public intellectual and rock star, you should do

everyone a favor and let Ed and the guys know.


first tree buds
the list of baby names
not chosen


   W.F. Owen 

    tiny words (March 10, 2004)


Naughty: I do want to clear up one thing, however.  Editor “Ed”     “devil G”

is better at some things (e.g., picking award winners) than others (i.e.,

characterizing my positions).   In the post announcing the myHq page,

Ed correctly referred to me as their “favorite curmudgeon,” but he

incorrectly states that

David Giacalone thinks lawyers, law professors, and

law students have better things to do with their time than

everyone creating and maintaining similar blogrolls on their

law blogs.” (emphasis added; but see update below)

As editor of f/k/a. and in real life, I do have a lot of opinions.  How-

ever, I do not take it upon myself to tell other adults how they

should spend their time (at least, not outside a small circle of

supervisees, family, and friends).  That is especially true after my

being mightily annoyed, when others told me a couple months ago

not to waste my time fighting the use and spread of the word “blawg.”


even the nightingale
gives orders


After describing Sean Sirrine’s campaign to increase blogrolls, in

my post “too much to read, to much to write,” I stated my opinion,

starting with the words: “Sorry, it’s not for me” and gave my

reasons.  It is not my intention to tell anyone how to spend their

time and energies.


update (March 8, 2006):  Mr. “Ed.” has graciously made corrections

to the original post at Blawg Review announcing his myHq project:

. . . our favorite curmudgeon David Giacalone thinks lawyers,

law professors, and law students have he has better things

to do with their his time than everyone creating and main-

taining similar blogrolls on their law blogs.


flyswatter horiz



the samurai is ordered
to shoo the flies…
Sir Horse


        translated by David G. Lanoue


trailerG  Ed should add the brand-new tonight, totally-

to the myHq family.  It’s published by Grant Griffiths

of Home Office Lawyer.  As I had my family law and

divorce mediation practice located in my home for

several years in the early 90’s, I particularly hope

Grant’s projects are successful.



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