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September 13, 2006

lost on the Road to “L”

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Over the past month, many real law professors have been offering advice
to “1Ls” — first year law students — as they begin law school.  There’s a good
Web Roundup by Austin Groothuis for CALI’s Pre-law Blog (via Rob Truman at
Boley Blog); and see Jim Maule at Mauled Again; Michael O’Hear at PrawfsBlawg;
Illya Somin at Volokh Conspiracy; and Brannan Denning at Instapundit.


VC’s Orin Kerr, writing at his own weblog OrinKerr.com, voiced a common
theme when he said to 1Ls “it is normal to feel lost.”   The f/k/a Gang wants
to do our part (without bending our hiatus promise too outrageously), by
pointing out that much of that “lost” feeling never does go away — because
far too many law school applicants, law students and practicing lawyers
never took the time to assess who they really are and what they actually
do want from life and from a career.

With that in mind, we point back to two of Prof. Yabut’s posts from last year, 
with the hope that the all-important assessment process will be high on every
law student’s must-do-now list, despite all those everyday 1L aggravations.  See:

1L of a decision (Aug. 16, 2005) (law student know thyself)

Here are a few quotes from Prof. Yabut’s assessment sermons:  noYabutsN

“Only a silly a$$ doesn’t self-assess.  Frankly, there are enough lost, unhappy souls practicing law as it is, without you — yes, you! — adding to the numbers by blindly careening toward a painful, depressing legal career.

“Listen to your gut and your heart.  Cutting your losses is a lot better than “investing” in a career and lifestyle that will make you (and your loved ones) miserable.” 

“The best way to be on the road toward a legal career that is in sync with your passions, values and rhythms is to know who you are.  Honestly, almost none of us can do that without making a real commitment of time and energy in the process of self-assessment.”

during discussion
on the meaning of life . . . the crunch
of a student’s apple

 . . .  by Prof. George Swede from Almost Unseen

windowless classroom
the blank look
same as last term

. . . by Prof. Yu Chang from Upstate Dim Sum  (2002/1)

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