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May 4, 2008

our haiga calendars for May

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Another Boomer Braino Revealed: The f/k/a Gang had planned to start each month of 2008 by posting the month’s calendar page from both of our 2008 haiga calendars — the artsy Giacalone Haiga Calendar 2008 and the nostalgic fka Haiga Memories Calendar 2008. But, frankly, we keep forgetting to post them. Here — better a little late than never — are the calendar pages for May. Each month has a “photo haiga” — a picture with a subtly-linked haiku.

You can click on the sample calendar pages below to go to a full-size page suitable for printing. Or, see a larger version of each original haiga by clicking here (for “fresh graves”) and there (for “mother’s day”).

Rather than rely on the memory-challenged f/k/a Gang to bring you each month’s calendar page, we suggest you click the links above to obtain printable versions of each complete haiga calendar (see our prior post from last December for descriptions and links).

fresh graves
for civilians –
gang colors everywhere

……. by dagosan

dad on the sofa,
mom at the stove —
it’s mother’s day

…………………… by dagosan

p.s. On a more serious note, see Geoffrey Rapps’s post “They Shoot Horses Don’t They” at Sports Law Blog (May 4, 2008; hat tip to Ed at Blawg Review), which notes that runner-up Eight Belles broke both ankles and had to be put down at the end of yesterday’s Kentucky Derby.  He points to Kentucky’s Cruelty to Animals Statute, and says:

“Imagine if every year, one player died in the Superbowl. Or if a player died every year during the NBA finals. Would we tolerate such a result? Should it matter that the athletes who are pushed beyond the quite literal breaking point are animals?”

fruitstand apples-
the rich smell of horses
on my hands

by Billie Wilson : HSA Northwest Region Members’ Anthology, 2000

the great lord
forced off his horse…
cherry blossoms

is that dew
the horse’s tears?
rice blossoms

………. by Kobayashi Issa , translated by David G. Lanoue

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