History is a lie, agreed upon. 9/11 is not yet history.


The first above is a quote that James Williamson attributes to Victor Hugo*. The second is abundantly documented in the ‘alternative media’. After 9/11 many families of the victims pushed for a public inquiry. The Bush administration tenaciously fought against it. One of the ‘Jersey Girls’, Kristen Breitweiser, trained and licensed to be a lawyer though she did not practice giving precedence to a career as a mother. She circulated a petition that she be part of the panel. The Bush administration was able to quash that. Now, on the eve of a contentious midterm election ABC plans to air a two part miniseries, “The Path to 9/11” that sources [Air America Radio] claim blames it all on Bill Clinton. The alleged source for this miniseries? – The Report of the 9/11 Commission. Here’s the thing. Some of the Commissioners question that the miniseries accurately reflects the Commission Report.
The miniseries is scheduled to air Sunday and Monday evenings. There are some people trying to prevent that and claims that ABC is doing a round of last minute editing. This morning a congressperson on the Rachel Madow show, said that ABC was spending $40 Million on this project and not selling any ads. [I’ll check the podcast.]
This is a very complex and evolving story. I’ll be updating throughtout the weekend.

*So far, I cannot confirm this.

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