The First Wave


The first wave of new Harvard first years lands at Canaday HallHarvard First Years in FUP arrive at Canaday Hall Friday evening. The rest of the class arrives Saturday morning.

Actually I don’t know if the folks above are FUP’s. They could be FOP’s or FAP’s. I tried to ask, but they wanted get their stuff and find their rooms. No, I don’t at all take it to be rude. F ? P = First year ? Program. They occur the week before First Year Orientation. So these folks are moving within Harvard.
? = (Urban|Art|Outdoor)

I’m guessing the first aid class in front of Lionel last week was part of FOP.

I did talk to a young man unloading in front of Thayer. He is a FUP. Richard Kelley ’10 chose Harvard because the financial aid package made it cheaper than anything in his native Schwarzeneggerland. Encouraging. The final verdict on the late Larry Summers’ program requires, of course, a larger sample.

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