A new day dawns…


Carrying tubs of course packs Habitat for Humanity book sale tent.
Carrying tubs of used course packs. for the Habitat for Humanity book sale.

The deals are not a steal, but they are better than new and the proceeds go to a place. A few pennies may even end up in New Orleans. Course packs are expensive. They were once [if not still] printed by Union labor – members of what was once the Graphic Communication International Union. It is now the Graphic Communication Conference of the Teamsters
which is in turn part of the Change to Win Coalition. But if my most favoritist reactionary string theorist, Lumidek claims that course packs are expensive because of the Unions, he will be wrong! Most of the cost is licensing that intervention in the ‘free market’ that the right-wingers love so much – copyrights. | Richard Stallman appeared briefly at the Wikipedia conference at Harvard Law this summer. Given the significant differences between copyrights and patents, he asked whether the concept of intellectual property has any ontological basis. It is, he asserts, merely a tool to legitimize business practices that benefit the few at the expense of the many.

Today is the last day of the sale.

As you might expect, Harvard labor is also in the picture…

Jim from Harvard FMO helps outs HUDS works unloading the days provisions.
…with Jim from FMO helping out… …while the folks from HUDS get ready for their day.
This should never happen! WordPress has bugs!!!
Harvard fires janitor for fainting; SEIU protests!

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