Blue Gold: Who owns the rain?


I heard this episode of a program segment called the Bioneers last Sunday on KEXP Seattle [via internet]. It is about commoditization of water in Mesopotamia and the rather frightening prospect that water might come under the control of a few multinational corporations. It will stay on their stream archive server for another week. The Bioneers is a segment of the program called Mind over Matters. The episode I heard aired Sunday Sept. 17 at 6:00 AM.

It sounded reasonably well researched. There was one point that seems to be in error. They claimed that Sharia, the Arabic word for the body of Islamic law, means “sharing water.” Wikipedia, says that it means, “the well trodden path.” My co-worker* agreed with the later.

The Bioneer segment was based on a report by the same name authored by Maude Barlow Chairperson of the Canadian International Forum on Globalization (IFG). The text is online at Third World Traveler.

*A woman who belongs to the Harvard Islamic Society told me that the Saudi family has backed down on excluding women from Mecca. I don’t doubt her veracity, but I have not yet found a another source. And I apologize for forgetting her name. I hope I get another chance.

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