Women making news.


Young Harvard women supporting breast cancer awareness:

Young Harvard women expressing support for breast cancer awareness in front of the Harvard Science Center.

I didn’t buy a bra. I’m a little conventional and I couldn’t think of who I could give one to with impunity. They were also supporting women in science at Harvard:

Back of the women in science T shirt

That’s the last one they had at the table, but you can buy them through the Women’s Center.

An ageless Harvard woman, Professor Lisa Randall was on Charlie Rose last night. It was impressive in every way I can think of.* She seemed very comfortable with herself, Charlie and the audience. She was there because she’s ‘an authority’ yet she sounded like someone who travels in places few can go. Mostly, she wanted to share with us. The only downside was that Charlie’s camera person did such a good job of capturing her persona [an order of magnitude better than the book jacket] that it made me feel… well… inadequate. [If you must know, her tendency to laugh uncontrollably when she sees me, does influence my thinking.]

If I’ve read the schedule right, the program will re-air tonight Wed. Dec 13 at midnight on Channel 44.

*would ‘of which I can think’ really be better? Come on now. Or am I dating myself?

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