The Code Pink way to celebrate International Women’s Day.


The bread was good.  A touch of sweet and cinnamon.



Sunday, March 7th 2010  1 – 3 PM
Boston, MA

Theme: “Bread and Peace: Women Say NO to War.” Bring signs,  banners.(for example, “Universal healthcare, not global warfare,”  “Bring our troops and war $ home,” “Bread not drones”… We will raise our voices for peace and justice, form a symbolic bridge  reaching out to our international sisters and brothers, join in a ring of peace, march through the heart of downtown to the Park Street T station for final vigil and call to action.

Copley Square Boston
Copley Square
Boston, MA


Sarah Roche-Mahdi

Sponsored By:
initiated by Code Pink Greater Boston, endorsed by Raging Grannies,
Women’s Fightback Network


Thanks to David Fillingham of Veterans for Peace for pointing this out. More on the varieties of  Women’s Day Politics after the rally. See ya’.

Welcome back, Amy! You too, Noam*.
Who Started International Women’s Day and Who Owns it Now?

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