Make History: End Foreclosures


The Bankers Are Coming! the Bankers Are Coming!

City Life/Urbana Vida member in a twelve foot ‘banker’ puppet.

The American Banking Association began their annual meeting in Boston yesterday. Their theme? “History Happens Here, Be A Part of It” A coalition of social justice groups called on local activists to join in greeting them:  Jobs With Justice | National People’s Action | Northwest Federation of Community Organizations | Alliance to Develop Power | City Life/ Vida Urbana | Pico National Network | Massachusetts Communities Action Network | New England United for Justice | ACCE1 | SEIU. The coalition had a somewhat different theme:

Demonstrators with sign "We Will Not Be Moved".

Be A Part of Making History: Demand Big Bankers Fix the Foreclosure Crisis and Keep Their Hands Off Our Homes!

These are the same bankers who crashed the economy — costing over 8 million jobs — and are foreclosing on our homes. Over 5 million homes have already been lost! Now, these Bankers are under investigation for snatching homes they cannot prove they own!

If that is not bad enough, they just announced that they will pay their top executives an all-time record of nearly $150 billion this year! Enough is Enough!

We Demand the Bankers Fix the Foreclosure Crisis which will help get our economy moving by committing to:

  • Freeze foreclosures in all 50 states
  • Keep Families in their homes through real mortgage modification including principle reduction and cutting interest rates to current market levels.

Like Paul Revere — the alarm has been sounded and we need your help getting our message through!


I joined them on Sunday, Oct 17 at 4 PM in Copley Square:

City Life/Vida Urbana at Copley anti banker rally

I went with some new friends from my new church, the  Community Church Boston. I ran into two old friends from Dorchester People for Peace.

Denise and Jeff from Dorchester People for Peace; David and Old Mick from Community Church of BostonOld friends: Jeff [Trabajos con Justica] and Denise from Dorchester People for Peace.
New Friends: David and Old Mick[Freeze Foreclosure Now!]

I had to leave early to guard the library.  I don’t know how much larger the gathering got. And I could not march with them to the Hynes Convention Center.  But …

Another Chance to Make History

Tuesday, Oct. 19: Gather at 4 PM, Hynes Convention Center, 900 Boylston St.

1My apologies to ACCE,  but I could not unambiguously determine a URI for them.

S. 3804 Government Internet Blacklist; Who’s on the case?
Make History: End Foreclosures; Report Back

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