Chuck Turner trial in critical phase.


Moakley Courthouse on the bay side.

My friends at the Community Church of Boston tell me that the corruption trial of Chuck Turner has entered a critical phase. The “Cooperting Witness” who initially said Chuck had given him a bribe then told the newspapers otherwise, was on the stand again today. The Boston Herald had problems with his previous testimony: “Trial tipping in Chuck Turner’s favor.” I heard the end of his testimony today. It was full of non recollections and inconsistencies.   Chuck Turner insists he will testify. The cours is about guilty vs. not guilty. Chuck says he is innocent. That is not the same as not guilty. His lawyer, Barry Wilson had no comment about putting Chuck on the stand.

Chuck Turner's lawyer Barry Wilson

The trial continues tomorrow.

Moakley Federal Court House: Boston waterfront in the Seaport District on Fan Pier.  Take the Silver Line from South Station one stop. The session starts at 9:00 AM.

Chuck Turner is the 2007 winner of the Community Church of Boston Sacco and Vanzetti Social Justice Award .

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