UNITE-HERE! Si, Se Puede ! Harvard Labor this month.


Harvard Security Guard members of SEIU local 615 flyer for their negotiations with their employer.

Security guards working under contract for Harvard get top billing because they were out flyering when I got off the T this morning.  They are “indirect” employees of Harvard. That’s HarvMinSpeak for workers whose jobs are at Harvard, but they are technically employees of agencies that contract with Harvard. They are subject to the strongest tool Harvard has in it’s almost fourty year long campaign to drive the Union movement out of Harvard.

Their contract expires this Friday Sept. 23, 2011.

Sign carried by Security Guard members fo SEIU 615 employed at Harvard

Two Crimson articles by Mercer Cook provide good background to recent events on the Labor front.  First we have a small action of “direct” employee custodial workers at Harvard Law School.

The second article describes the successful negotiation of a new contract for UNIT-HERE! i.e. Harvard’s cooks. Normally when anyone connected in any way with Harvard declares a moral victory, I get nervous. But you can take Ed Childs’ word to the Credit Union.* OOPS! Dining Service Worker contract is not a done deal!

In both cases a significant role was played by the Harvard Student Labor Action Movement.

Y’all come back now! hear?

*I’m incurably cute, but there is a point. What should we do about “too big to fail banks.”

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