Occupy Boston Library open and online.


Occupy Boston Library
Like the society around it, Occupy Boston has problems sharing resources. Like the society around it, Occupy Boston has opened a library to have a domain of shared resources. But in this it is not the largess of a robber baron that made it possible. It is the radical reference librarians. They have a page on the Occupy Boston Wikispace.

This is the first post I’ve been able to make from Occupy Boston. I will discuss the logistics and political economy of OB in a later post. But this post is made possible by the shared resource domain of Occupy Boston Library. I thank the people who made that possible. Like many things at OB this post is more symbolic than anything else. But as Ghandi standing at the entrance to the camp says, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” And as Captain Picard says, “Make it, so.”

My mother was a librarian. She often took me to work with her. I went to college and graduate school. I’ve guarded Harvard’s libraries for 20 years. I’ve spent too much of my life in the library.

Legal Question
Occupy .* : Or does it explode?

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