Occupy Wall Street: No Business as Usual


It was November 17. A number of us from Occupy Boston responded to the call from Occupy Wall Street. My affinity group arrived at Liberty[ Zuccotti] Park at 5:30 AM. The park had been mostly cleared. There were no tents. There were more police and sanitation workers than occupiers.  We were able to get in at one very small opening lined by police. We didn’t stay in the park very long.

As the early morning light filtered between the buildings, we joined the crowd gathering across the street on the east side of the park.  Within minutes I was separated from my affinity group. After several circuits of the crowd. I crossed to the north side of the Park. I ran into a friend from the Mass Hall Occupation of 2001. She invited me to join her affinity group. I thought it was OK to use her name, but I see that another member of our affinity group Keith Gesson, kept her name out of his article in the New Yorker.  And probably because he could not reach me for comment,   he didn’t use my name either. I met Mark Rudd and didn’t know it.

Have to get to Dewey for GA. Will have pictures, honest.


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