Occupy America: Anarchists, Socialists, Communists, or Keebler F*cking Elves


I don’t want a huge bloody revolution. I mean who does. The system’s gotta change and frankly you know there’s talk about the anarchists, and the socialists, and the communists, all these ists and the isms and all this stuff and frankly I don’t give a rats ass if it’s the Keebler f*cking elves that comes up with the solution to  the problem.

To: Chaser
From: the Guy by the Door
Subj: OB Caucuses

Thought you’d like this video. Went with the Socialist Caucus from Gummint Center back to Dewey. It was a pretty good action. Joe consensus checked us out of confrontation with the police on a fairly deserted part of Beacon toward Charles. Quick sit down in Downtown Crossing. Superintendent Evans was at Dewey. Last thing before going over to the Fed, Lady Dr. F jumped in the circle and mentioned the LRAD and the police claim that it “wasn’t supposed to be there”. Evans confirmed to me that it “wasn’t supposed to be there.”

tgbtd “You mean someone in your command is out of control?’

Evans: “No it was just a miscommunication.”

He looked pretty cowed.  Kinda enjoyed myself.

Was ok at the Fed.  The guy from the Thursday night tent arrest1 was one of three people very in the face of the police.  Looked to my like they were a little carried away with themselves. What can I tell ya? I’m old.

The Greek from SC wasn’t there.  I saw him later at H. Said there was a lot of dissension in SC. AC too. Sorry to hear.  Good to hear you at G.A. After you left a guy from I.W.W. said he understood your comment but felt he could go along with SC anyway.

I tried to get to your meeting at the bandstand, but with the free clothing store gone,  I couldn’t pass up a pretty classy London Fog and some rain overalls at the Fountain.

I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you more at camp. I found the bandana a little bit of  a put off. My bad. But I noticed your contribution to the day to day running of the camp – dishes, garbage, safety. Thanks.

How about getting the band back together.? Tell ’em you’re on a mission from Bakunin or somebody.  I’d know who you like if I’d talked to you. 🙁 I said some good things  to Bloomberg News. Say hey to Nat.

Hope to see you around the propertyless Occupy Boston.  Well the less property OB anyway.

Gotta go. Meeting up with CLVU bunch in the North End. Will be at Open House tonight.


1 I don’t know anybody who thought that was a good move. Do you? I mean does “quit with a win” mean anything in DA?

Occupy Wall St. 2.0
Occupy Hanukkah and the Holidays

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