Joys and Sorrows of Occupy Boston IV: Big Media Failures, Small Media Successes.


Dustin Steele of Radical Action for Mountain People's Survival: "When you fight oppression ANYWHERE you fight oppression EVERYWHERE."

Dustin Steele of Radical Acton for Mountain People’s Survival [Photo: RAMPS]

First the good news:  some high quality blogging came out of OB and continues.  My favorite blog of the moment is from the Climate Action, Sustainability, and Economic Justce working group of OB.  Dustin Steele,  one of the 20 protestors arrested at the Hobet 45 mountain top removal mine in Lincoln County West Virgina was released on bond. An e-mail from Craig Altemose  [hugging the truck],  says that OB CASEJer Dorian Williams [Brandeis 2013] is still in jail pending trial on Tuesday Aug. 7.  CASEJ is one of a significant number of OB working groups going good work, but getting very little media attention.  Most of OB understands the desperate need for social change, but fails to realize that climate change is an overarching constraint on human economic activity.  The danger that, in the future, the earth will be able to support far fewer humans that in now does is very real.1

OB has marched in solidarity with lots of Occupy’s around the country. I hope that OB will come out for jail solidarity with our own Dorian.  I met her and her bunch out at Brandeis. They seemed enthusiatic, but I wondered how much they could do. Dan Chavez [Brandeis 2010] pointed out that they are a small isolated community which makes it hard.  CASEJ has met regularly at the Democracy Center in Cambridge, so they have not been highly visible within OB. Kathryn did address at least one GA but she’s too much of a lady to grab people’s attention. I’m glad to see her active on the blog.

A note on climate language.

The bad news, and there is a lot of it, requires much more time to tell.  A REAL “alternative media” strategy for OB would be a horizontal democracy of social media rather than a small scale imitation of mainstream media aggregation. It’s starting to look like this should be a separate post.


1Koch-Funded Study: Global Warming Is ‘Real’ And ‘Almost Entirely’ ManmadeGame Over for the Climate

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