Foundation of Education: Part 5

The foundation of education is quite similar to the strong foundation we build for our homes to last for several decades together. The early foundation of learning plays a prominent role in the child’s later learning. If the early foundations of education are strong, the child can adapt and thrive in the future, which is remarkable. Only the curriculum and content cannot decide or discover the full potential in children. What is vital is nurturing the child’s life skills that will be essential in the future.

Developing the skills of the children and giving them time to learn is what creates a strong foundation in children. Children take time to learn at the initial stages, and as an educationist, it is essential to allow children to learn and grow at their own pace for the best results. This helps them to make correct decisions in the future and be creative thinkers. What is essential to build a strong foundation for education in children is to be ascertained by the educationists for the best results.

Educationists should emphasize building a solid foundation for specific activities such as painting, singing, running, and playing. These are what children love to do when they start learning, and offering them the right platform is how they nurture themselves and improve in the future. Many may say that these are simple activities and do not hold much value, but for a child, during their learning phase, these activities have an indispensable role to play. As educationists, it is essential to understand the core value of importance these activities have for the best results.

Activities such as playing, painting, singing, and running are crucial for developing the foundation in a child. It helps build specific skills early, such as cognitive, emotional, and social skills. Apart from these, the child also builds their speaking skills, communicating skills, visual skills and listening skills. The activities mentioned above do not need any classroom to teach the children to build their foundation and are of paramount importance.

One of the most crucial things in a child’s life is playing. Play should be given priority when dealing with children for the best results. Play cannot be ignored or not given importance in a child’s life if you are looking forward to building a solid foundation. This is because play builds the child’s physical wellness and has a lot of importance in building reasonability and more profound thinking capacity. The importance of free play in a child’s educational foundation is paramount. An unstructured, child-initiated and voluntary activity helps the child imagine, explore, and experience the world surrounding them. Free play also helps children to develop independent thinking and improve their social and collaborative play skills. These skills would be essential for the child in later life.

The foundation of education prepares a child with the tools, knowledge and confidence to be ready in life. A foundation education for children is the one that helps develop their life skills apart from the classroom education has to offer. If given all the priorities mentioned above, a child will help them thrive and develop their full potential in life.

Every child has a dream, and to realize this dream, it is essential to develop critical skills in analytical thinking, digital learning and teamwork. With play as a crucial factor, children develop teamwork, which is essential to succeed in any format of life.

Offering children an environment that is positive, productive, and encouraging will help them gain their foundation of education properly. The foundation of education is carefully structured and developed in such a manner so that they get the best exploratory start to life. The foundation of education holds the key to unlock every child’s true potential.

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