Dear baby,

Mommy needs to recover. But that doesn’t mean you will be forgotten. It’s funny that the maternity clothes have just arrived yesterday. Aside from the XL pant, others fit perfectly. I think I will wear the navy blue dress to my graduation. It’s so soft and comfortable. I am not going to return it.

Mommy needs to be back on the studying schedule tonight.  As much as I want to sleep, I have to catch up with my cases. Mommy’s classmates were kind enough to meet me tomorrow so that I won’t have to do the homework alone. And after tomorrow, I also need to review all the materials I missed last week. It’s a bit nerve wracking just to think about it… But I want to have a little vacation with your daddy after graduation so I better keep all things on schedule. The summer this year should be very nice. I can’t wait to feel the Summer breeze in this blue dress and walk along the beach with your daddy.

This might become my favorite dress of all time. Thanks for giving me an excuse to go shopping.

What do you want Mommy to do after graduation? For now, I just want to power through till May. A vacation with your daddy is overdue.

Love you very much.