Our society and system taught us to think logically.

We went to to school, we followed the syllabus, we tested the equation. We got points (credits) if our answer was right.

We live in a science based world (at least it’s what I believe). So when something happened unexpectedly, our first reaction is ‘Why?’, ‘What went wrong?’ or ‘How did we fix it?’ as if we know everything is 1+1 = 2.

And when life throws us a curve ball, it devastates us even more as we (sometimes) are left with no trace of evidence or what caused it. Our emotion are completely messed up by our habit of reasoning. The urge of knowing the ‘why’ puts us in deep frustration.

As I am writing this, I too am reasoning why I lost my child…why this happened to me.

As much as I love business valuation in my field, I started wondering why we need all these equations as we might have no control over the macro system at the end. Life is so unexpected that no matter how precise we calculate, we are still the bystander.

The real questions are…are you brave enough to face another or unlimited curve balls in life? And can you ignore the voice of ‘why’ / ‘Why me?’