Today marks the 1st week ‘anniversary’ of my surgery. I am recovering well and hope that I can be back to my daily routine soon.

Thanks to the most patient, loving and caring ‘nurse’ on the planet – my husband. He has no medical background =) but I wouldn’t be able to go through this ordeal if he wasn’t here with me. I sweat so much in the middle of night these days that he has to wake up at least a few times to help me change clothes. He powers through work just to try to get home early enough to check on me and walk our dog. And thanks to the universe for such a flexible working schedule. He almost has never left my bedside since it all started.

Sometimes I think…if I didn’t have this experience, I would have taken all these for granted.

In the mid of catching up homework and study, I managed to read a very inspiring article yesterday called “The Labyrinth of Life” by Martha Beck.

Here it said …

“In the moments you stop trying to conquer the labyrinth of life and simply inhabit it, you’ll realize it was designed to hold you safe as you explore what feels dangerous. You’ll see that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be, meandering along a crooked path that is meant to lead you not onward, but inward. “

“And as you learn to see the dappled loveliness of your life, as your new eyes help you begin loving the labyrinth, you’ll slowly come to realize that the labyrinth was made solely for the purpose of loving you.”

At this very moment, I just want to wear my dress, walk along the beach with my husband and feel the Summer breeze…