I was a clinician by training. I had 2 degrees in nutritional science. To me (by logic), the theory in Chinese medicine has never aligned with what I was taught at school (and what I was told by my OBGYN).

But as a human being, when there’s no closure can be given by Western medicine…you want to try something else. A way to give yourself some hope…something tangible to work on.

My OBGYN said all my night sweat, fatigue, headache are the result of hormone, esp after childbirth…There’s no solution and no medicine to cure but to take it easy and WAIT.

My Chinese Dr said I am literally ‘too weak’. How he explained was that I don’t have enough ‘chi’ to circulate my blood. Before I want to do anything (or try again), I need to get my ‘blood’ running again.

For those who are not familiar with Chinese medicine, the dr would usually check your pulse and look at your tongue before writing you a ‘herbal recipe’, which you need to buy the herbs and to boil them with water at home.

It isn’t my first time seeing Chinese dr. I grew up in Hong Kong and my family gave me herbal soup many times when I was a child.

Does it help? I have to say it does provide me a pretty good alternative when your Western dr knew birth control pill is the ‘only’ way to ‘regulate your cycle’. When it comes to women’s health, I seriously doubt the effects of contraceptive pill, as a way to police our ‘mother nature’.  Therefore, I started going to see a Chinese Herbal Dr a couple years ago. I don’t know what is the chemistry behind the herbs….but a simple herbal soup does give me the strength and regularity that a pill can’t.

My Chinese dr only charged me for $10 per visit and all the personalized herbal Rx for a whole week only cost me less than $40 bucks. Plus, he works everyday (except Wed) from 9 to 4. Better than the Affordable Care, isn’t it?


The herbal soup

So here I am….on day 1 ‘post miscarriage’ herbal therapy. I have a Rx that I can’t read, except my last name.


The Rx