It has been exactly a month since my child left me (physically).

A month felt like a year. I felt like my mind and soul have been dragged by emotional pain and heartache. I am like a boat that is slowly sinking.

Just exactly 2 months ago, I left Boston. That was the happiest day in life. I survived a J-term. I became the top 6 student in class AND I had 2 heart beat in my body.

Exactly a month ago, I was on a surgery table waiting to be wheeled to the operational room.

We have literally experienced life and death in 30 days. I lost hope eternally and instantly.

I thought school could at least get my mind off things…but it’s getting tougher and tougher.

I don’t know what’s the real purpose for me to run 3 group projects. I lost interest sitting in the classroom and listening to stranger’s presentation.

Exactly 2 more months to graduation. It felt like I have to crawl for 2 more years to the finish line.