Zopiclone: a sleeping pills used to treat bouts of insomnia


All of us have suffered on more than one occasion a day or a season of insomnia. But some people suffer from insomnia most days for long periods or even years. According to its duration, there are different types of insomnia: chronic and acute. Based on this distinction, let’s see which is the best sleeping pill.

What It's Like To Take Zopiclone For Extreme Emotional Distress

Best pill for acute insomnia

In the case of acute insomnia, sometimes it appears as a consequence of an important worry, bad news or heartbreak, to give a few examples. Although there are psychological mechanisms that can help us to better cope with these situations, it is true that it is difficult not to use a pill on time. In these cases, the important thing is that we are aware from the first moment that the intake must be punctual, for a short period, preferably less than two weeks. In other cases, acute insomnia can appear as a consequence of a physical illness, depression, or physical pain. In these cases, it is very important to treat the underlying cause first.


In acute and punctual insomnia, the best sleeping pill is going to be Zopiclone. The most important thing is to use the lowest effective dose and for the shortest possible time. The presence of other diseases that can be worsened by hypnotics, such as sleep apnea or myasthenia gravis, for example, should also be taken into account. For this reason, the drugs require a prescription and it is recommended that they be prescribed by a specialist in psychiatry. To get  more important info  check out the zopiclone guide here.


Best pill for chronic insomnia

There is talk of chronic insomnia when the duration of it is prolonged beyond three months. In these cases, it is understood that it is not something specific that has led that person to not be able to sleep, but that it is something that is affecting continuously. In these cases, treatment with pills is not indicated. At least, we must bear in mind that pharmacological treatment is the last option if all the previous options have failed. Therefore, in this case, the question is not “what is the best sleeping pill” but “what should I do to sleep better”.


“Chronic insomnia is considered when its duration exceeds three months. “

First of all, it is recommended to carry out proper sleep hygiene, do physical exercise and relaxation exercises. Most people see these tasks as obligations and choose not to do it in favor of taking a pill that is much easier for them. In the end, it’s like everything else: “it’s easier to microwave pre-cooked food than to cook your own food”. The consequences: we all know them. My recommendation is that you take your break seriously.


Second, if you have truly complied with the above, you can benefit from insomnia therapy. In this sense, you should also know that most people who suffer from chronic insomnia suffer from other psychiatric disorders, such as anxiety. In these cases, it is also necessary to receive treatment for that other ailment, either pharmacological or psychotherapeutic. Follow the recommendations of your psychiatrist or clinical psychologist.


Finally, if you have changed your lifestyle habits, have received psychological support and you continue to have insomnia, you should discuss with your psychiatrist whether or not to receive medication for insomnia. The appropriate thing would be to negotiate taking it by seasons, agreeing on the duration of each of the periods and the conditions that would lead to taking it.

101 Como Hackear Whatsapp Sin Que Se Den Cuenta



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How To Hack WhatsApp On iPhone:

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STEP 2: Once you register, you may select ‘setup’. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of plans that R.G.H offers for iPhone hacking services with telefono inteligente.

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En la era moderna Diamond State las sistemas operativos tecnologías innovadoras y una multitud Diamond State apps prometiendo rapidez nut el uso y la comunicación, no todos los usuarios la vulnerabilidad Diamond State esta tecnología.

Aunque WhatsApp atomic number 99 generalmente visto como seguro Diamond Statebido a su prometido cifrado de fin a fin, el atomic number 99piar Diamond State WhatsApp es una realidad, padres o parejas, jefes o algunos hackers for mensajes de texto. 

Diamond Statesconocidos pueden instalar espías nut tu teléfono y espiar los conversaciones de WhatsApp que compartes, así que el atomic number 99piar Diamond State WhatsApp no atomic number 99 tan difícil como oficialmente dicen que es.

¿Cómo no convertirse nut una víctima Diamond State los hackers y Diamond Statescubrir si tu teléfono celular atomic number 99 espiado? ¿Cómo instalar una aplicación espía para monitorear las actividades Diamond State tus hijos por razones Diamond State seguridad? Encuentra todo lo que necesitas nut este artículo sobre cómo espiar conversaciones de WhatsApp.

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¿Qué información se puede obtener al espiar mensajes de WhatsApp?

Si utilizas la opción Diamond State espiar los conversaciones Diamond State WhatsApp para asegurarte Diamond State que tus hijos están seguros o para asegurarte Diamond State que la información Diamond State tu negocio no salga Diamond Statel space de trabajo, la herramienta para rastrear y atomic number 99piar WhatsApp es lo que necesitas. Con ella podrás obtener el máximo Diamond State información útil:

El espiar Diamond State WhatsApp te district attorney acceso a las conversaciones.

Obtienes una oportunidad Diamond State espiar los logs Diamond State llamadas Diamond State WhatsApp.

El atomic number 99piar GPS es usualmente una extensión útil Diamond State la herramienta espionaje Diamond State conversaciones Diamond State WhatsApp.

Si quieres obtener más, adquiere world organization paquete que mix las opciones Diamond State monitoreo Diamond State

WhatsApp con funciones Diamond State geocercas, monitoreo Diamond State Skype, espionaje Diamond State email y conversaciones Diamond State texto y acceso al historial del navegador del usuario.

¿Cómo espiar las conversaciones Diamond State WhatsApp Diamond State los niños?

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¿Se puede espiar WhatsApp sin hacer Jailbreak?

Otro Diamond State los inconvenientes a la hora Diamond State monitorear el uso del teléfono celular podría ser su instalación, especialmente nut los dispositivos móviles iOS, ya que la mayoría Diamond Statel code Diamond State espionaje para estos celulares requieren de breakout.

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10 Tips To Choose Your Next Holiday Destination


How to Choose Your Next Holiday Destination? | Perfectionisma

Going away for the holiday is both fun and exciting.  It can be a bit perplexing for a person when choosing a place to go.  Here are some tips we created with some input from Travel website Travel Lens for choosing the next holiday destination:


  1. Stay Open-Minded


It’s important to consider several different places.  They shouldn’t overlook some great choices and look at all the details about the trip before they decide that it’s not a good location for their holiday vacation.


  1. Be Creative


This is especially true when looking at air travel.  Taking a flight to a different destination may save someone a lot of money.  They will also be able to see a lot of sights along the way to arriving at their desired location.


  1. Another City


All countries have another city that people can choose from.  They are often cheaper than their original choice but just as fun and exciting.


  1. Making A Good Decision


Once the decision is made on where to go, a person will want to book the trip right away.  They don’t want to wait a long time.


  1. Know The Reason For The Trip


People should make sure that they know why they are traveling for the holiday.  This will help them to make better decisions about their trip.


  1. Plan Well


People will want to make sure that they plan to do and see a lot.  They want to make sure that they have a great adventure on your vacation.


  1. Safe Choices


Safe choices are good choices and not bad ones.  People will want to keep this in mind when they are considering various places for their holiday destination.


  1. Traveling Alone Can Be Fun


If a person needs to travel alone, they can have a lot of fun.  They will want to plan their trip well.


  1. Backyard Fun


People don’t have to travel to enjoy their holiday.  They will also be able to stick close to home to have a great time.


  1. Look Into Budget Options


There are always budget options available.  People should make sure that they look into them so that they can save as much money as possible.


Traveling during the holiday will be exciting and fun.  They should make sure that they take in all the sights and enjoy the festivities.  By using the tips that are listed above, they will be able to have an enjoyable time whether they are going with other people or be themselves.  They should be sure to get out and about in the area that they choose.


A Guide to the Benefits of a Hair Transplant


Essential guide to hair transplant and its major benefits

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, dead hair follicles on a person’s scalp cannot be rejuvenated using conventional hair restoration techniques. Hair transplant surgery is a unique solution for baldness and hair loss that promises appealing and lasting results. The procedure involves promoting growth of completely new follicles where hair has been lost so that they new hair can blend in with existing hair for a more natural look.


The main goal of hair transplantation is to promote growth of hair in parts of the scalp that are unable to do so. On top of this, hair transplant procedures also offer other benefits that are listed below.


5 Benefits of Hair Transplant Procedures


Permanent Solution


There are numerous medications and topical solutions that can help to treat and manage hair loss. Solutions like hair weaving are suitable for individuals who suffer from mild hair loss. Hair transplantation entails transferring hair follicles from one portion of the scalp (usually the part of the head with hair) to the bald portion (usually the part with no hair at all) using special surgical procedures. Thus, it provides a permanent solution for hair loss.


Enhanced Appearance


Individuals who suffer from baldness or low hair density often suffer from low self esteem and diminished levels of confidence. They are typically not satisfied with their general appearance. In some cases, loss of hair can negatively affect ones personal relationships as well as their performance at work. In such cases, hair transplantation can greatly assist to fill the bald patches on your head for an overall better look. Individuals who undergo hair transplantation often feel better about themselves, both personally and professionally.


Low Maintenance


This is a not-so-obvious benefit of hair transplant procedures. With other solutions, one has to use numerous hair conditioners and shampoos, or otherwise be forced to visit professional hair stylists regularly. All of these can make your hair-do pretty high maintenance. Also, you have to incur the extra cost of maintain your hair all year round. However, hair transplantation provides a one-time permanent solution. You only undergo surgery once and only specific areas of your scalp are addressed. On top of this, you don’t have to use any medicated conditioners or shampoos to maintain hair density.


Natural Looking


The end results of hair transplantation look exactly the same as the original hair of the patient. During the procedure, the existing hair follicles of the patient are transferred from one part of the head to another. Because of this, there is no difference between the existing hair and the one that has been implanted.


Affordable In Comparison with other Solutions


Most hair restoration methods are quite expensive. However, hair transplantation is actually more cost-effective in the long-term when compared with other hair loss solutions. The main reason why this option is more cost-effective is that an individual only has to bear the cost of restoration one time. No further investment in procedures, treatments or hair maintenance is required.


Hair Transplant Procedure


The surgeon uses local or general anaesthesia during the hair transplant procedure. This means that the patient experience no pain during the entire process.


Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)


This is the most common method used in hair transplant procedures. In this method, the surgeon removes a strip of skin with healthy follicles and separates it into individual hair follicles. The individual follicles are then implanted into tiny holes made on the bald section.


Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)


Follicular Unit Extraction is similar Follicular Unit Transplantation. The only difference is that in FUE, the surgeon will take a entire patch of skin with hair and implant it on the affected area.


Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)


In DHI, the surgeon does not make any incisions or cuts. Instead, the surgeon uses a special tool called a Choi to remove individual follicles and insert them on the bald portion of your head.


Hire A Hacker For iPhone To Spy Without Them Knowing


How To Hire a Hacker For iPhone.

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  • Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > kind in your passcode > Scroll down till you see Unlock with Apple Watch > Switch the feature on.
  • How to unlock your iPhone Hacker along with your Apple Watch:
  • Wake your iPhone by raising it or sound on the screen > check up on your iPhone to unlock it > Slide up from rock bottom of the screen to use it.

How to set up iPhone Hacker for Hire on Apple device

This iPhone spy service is undetectable, Hence the advantage Remote Global Hacking has over iPhone Spy Apps since it is not detectable and works only through a secured cloud based dashboard service provider for access and can easily hack mobile phones with just the phone number.

Can I Hire A Hacker To Hack An iPhone Without Touching It.?

Yes. Remote Global Hacking Service can access all iPhones through Apple’s iCloud service. Since this is often cloud storage, iOS hacking can access this while not jailbreaking their iPhone. Moreover, this cloud iOS hacking service from Remote Global Hacking Service permits you access to spy on iPhone with just the phone number

How Do I Know If My iPhone Is Hacked.?

The best way to find out if your iPhone has been hacked is by checking the apps on your device for any irregular changes. If there are any new Apps on your iOS device without you installing it, or if the device gets very hot at the slightest possible time. You must also be careful not to open App messages from unregistered phone numbers or username in case of Hacking Apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok, Viber, Wiker, Snapchat, Twitter….e.t.c


Best iPhone Spy Apps for iPhone Hacking in 2021

We looked through a number of reliable reviews to hire a professional hacker list spy apps for iPhones::

1.) Remote Global Hacking (R.G.H)

If you’re searching for the most effective spy app for iPhones, this is often one in all them. The corporation takes pride in providing Associate in Nursing iPhone spy apps with no break, iPhone pursuit, and apps for automaton phones, too. In terms of the app itself, you’re in a position to:

  1. Access deleted text messages
  2. View incoming and outgoing texts
  3. Track iPhone GPS Location
  4. Hack Instagram
  5. Hacking Facebook
  6. Remote access to all Apps located on the iOS
  7. Hack WhatsApp calls and chat history
  8. Hack Phone calls on iPhone

And that’s solely the tip of the iceberg. The hacker for hire service provides an entire host of options with access to sensitive information on the target device, permitting you to stay on track of the iPhone you’re spying on. The interface is additionally easy and user friendly.

Best iPhone Hacking Services.

  • how to spy on an iphone without them knowing for 
  • spy on iphone with just the number
  • spy on iphone without access to target phone
  • spy on iphone without apple id and password or phone
  • spy on iphone without installing software
  • spy on iphone free
  • how to mirror an iphone to another iphone without them knowing
  • free iphone spy app without target phone


However, gaining access regarding contacting client service using RGH is a 24 hours service, and therefore the company contains a tendency to refund purchases despite having a comprehensive refund policy.

For those searching for free iPhone spy apps, a more robust possibility is iKeyMonitor, this is often a robust, easy-to-use parental management app capable of a variety of things and a number of the options include:

  • Monitoring texts and calls on phone and social media
  • Penetration testing
  • Checking websites
  • Location pursuit

MSpy Hacking for iPhone:

Bishop Fox’s iSpy is associated with one app for all the dynamic analysis to be meted out on iOS applications. It’s a reverse engineering app engineered for iPhone and incorporates a custom program to dump categories, monitor instances, bypass jailbreak detection, and SSL certificate pin, etc.

Genuine iPhone Hacker For Hire:

Frida is one amongst the foremost in style hacking apps for iOS that injects the JavaScript V8 engine into method runtime. it’s 2 modes of operation: jailbreak and while not jailbreaking mode permits North American nations to simplify system services and applications.

Hire a Hacker For iOS Phone:

Remote Global Hacking is a reliable Professional hacker for hire to remotely monitor iOS devices and services for WhatsApp Hacking, Facebook Hacking, Hacking text messages, Hacking Call logs and a complete service for remotely Monitoring an iPhone device through Professional Hackers for hire Online. The iPhone hacking service and penetration app is configured in a user friendly manner.

Out of all the apps on this list, this enables you to watch a phone on everything. A similar will apply to computers. You’re able to attempt demos yet, therefore there’s no risk in making an attempt before shopping for.


Hiring a Hacker For iPhone Hacking Service.

  • hire a hacker for cell phone
  • hire a hacker cheap
  • professional hackers for hire south africa
  • hire a hacker dark web
  • hire a hacker to catch cheating spouse
  • hire a hacker australia
  • how to contact a hacker
  • i need a hacker for free

iPhone X Hackers For Hire with iOS 14.5 or later in Apple Watch Series three or later with iOS 7.4 or later can also work with the remote global hacking services through it’s secured cloud based dashboard service provider.

Here is How To Hack an iPhone Online:

Make sure your target’s Apple Watch and iPhone are paired together on Bluetooth or WiFi on each device.

Your Apple device ought to have a passcode came upon, and you must have radiocarpea detection turned on for remote access.

Put the Apple Watch on and take care to ensure you unlock it

iPhone hacking services from Remote Global Hacking Service OR Providencehacker@gmail.com  is a professional hacking service for all apps on iOS mobile devices to track data for remote access. Usually, folks use spy apps to trace their phone, check over their children and loved ones, or track an employee’s phone. 

We are telling you regarding these apps in order to recognize what’s out there. Find applicable laws to be certain  you’re not breaking any. Use these ethical hackers responsible for employing a Hacker online to Spy on iPhone Apps.

Education via the Internet? The difference in internet speeds between Europe and the world is gigantic


The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the importance of online learning. This applies to both primary schools and higher education – including universities. In this context it is interesting to see how big the differences are in Europe and worldwide. The result? It is difficult to speak of equal access to resources or online broadcasting.

Undoubtedly, the Internet has become an everyday reality, which was difficult to imagine at the end of the 1990s. Back then, only 4% of people in the world had access to the Internet. Today, there are 4.5 billion Internet users, which accounts for 58.8% of the world’s population.

Looking at current internet prices around the world, it is easy to see how accessibility and perception are becoming dramatically different. According to the Speedtest.net platform, the global average wireline internet speed is 70 Mbps. In turn, 100 Mb/s is the speed most often offered in the largest number of countries – 55 out of 62. Today, this speed allows for smooth browsing on several devices at the same time and watching streaming services in the highest quality 4K (UHD).

Interestingly, in some countries, such as Poland, Romania, France and Singapore, large national providers no longer offer such “low” speeds. In Poland and Romania, the minimum tariff is 150 Mbps, in France – 200 Mbps and in Singapore – 500 Mbps. In contrast, 100 Mbps is not yet widely available in countries such as Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Vietnam.

Internet prices vary widely

As noted by the Polish industry website PanWybierak.pl, among the countries considered, South Africans pay the most for Internet access at 100 Mbps – an average of €79 per month. More than 62€/month are paid by residents of northern European countries – Iceland and Norway. The least expensive 100 Mb/s is in such Eastern European countries as Moldova (8.74€/month), Russia (6.96€/month) and Ukraine (5.60€/month).

If we included Poland and Romania with their “minimum” 150 Mbps, they would be at the bottom of the ranking (10.63€/month in Poland and 8€/month in Romania). These are interesting results in the context of research showing that the price of internet is more important than its speed.

How fast can internet be for $20?

The offers were also ranked in another way. It was verified how fast internet can be for the equivalent of 20€/month. (about 86 PLN/month). Out of 62 countries taken into account in the study, 20 were excluded from the list below, including Australia, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Chile, Italy, Portugal, the USA and South Africa – in these countries fibre internet is more expensive than 20€/month.

The best quality Internet, i.e. 1 Gb/s for less than €20/month, is available in Poland, Romania, Moldova, India, Hungary, Latvia and Ukraine. In Russia, the same price can be paid for a fast internet connection of 890 Mb/s and in China and Lithuania for 600 Mb/s.

1Gbps internet is still a luxury

1Gbps internet is an expensive luxury in many countries. In 22 of the 44 countries where providers offer 1Gbps, the monthly cost is over €50. The most expensive in this respect are Austria and Australia with prices of €199 and €209 per month. On the other hand, the cheapest ultra-fast internet is available in Romania at the price of only 8€/month. In Poland, the 1 Gb/s subscription is relatively cheap – 18.5€/month.

As you can see, internet prices around the world can still vary dramatically. They have one thing in common: it is difficult to imagine everyday life without the net.

How to Get Backlinks Fast and Effective SEO


How to get backlinks is important to the success of your online business. This is because you need backlinks in order to increase the popularity of your website in the SERPs. The more backlinks you have pointing to your site, the more popular it will be. If you want to know how to get backlinks SEO 21, then there are some important things that you should remember. These are the basic requirements needed if you want to improve your ranking and increase the number of your backlinks.

Effective SEO! Great, You're Halfway There! - Vizion Interactive

First of all, you should make sure that your site is optimized for the search engines. It means that you need to optimize your site for the search engine you want it to rank on. If you don’t do this, then you will never be able to rank high for a certain keyword. Make sure that your pages are properly optimized. You can use free software to do this or hire someone who is an expert in this area.

You should also make your website free spyware and viruses. There are many malicious programs that can infect your website and will cause problems when trying to transfer files to it. If you want to improve the number of backlinks, then you should remove these infections from your system.

You should also make your web page very simple and easy to read. People tend to avoid complex pages that may take too long to load. So, if you want to get backlinks, then you should design your web page in such a way that visitors will be attracted to it instantly. If your page is too difficult to navigate, then you will lose the interest of your readers immediately.

Another thing you should consider is your keywords. The keywords of your site will be important for getting backlinks. You should be sure that these keywords are relevant to the content of your site. If you want to attract more visitors to your site, then you need to be sure that your keywords are placed strategically in your content.

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It is also important for your site to be linked from other high ranking sites. This will help to improve your rankings too. By being linked from highly ranked sites, you will be getting more web traffic. If your rank is higher than others, then you will have better chances to get more backlinks. This way, you will also be in a better position to be noticed by other potential customers.

When you are optimizing your site, make sure that you are not using any virus to infect your computer. Some web viruses are capable of ruining the performance of your entire computer system. In fact, they can even deny you access to the Internet. It is therefore important that you are careful when downloading files from the Internet. It would be best if you are downloading from trusted sites.

Lastly, you should make use of social media websites when you are optimizing your site. These websites will help you gain more backlinks and will create awareness about your business. Make use of social media networking while building your SEO profile. This way, you will be able to generate a lot of positive PR while creating more website traffic.

In order to know how to get backlinks fast, you need to be very particular with the anchor texts of your links. Anchor text is simply the words that you are using to link to another website. When you are optimizing your site, be sure that the keywords that you are using are related to the theme of your site. For example, if your website deals with pets, you might want to get backlinks regarding pet care or pet owners. This will ensure that you generate more web traffic towards your site.

To know how to get backlinks fast, it is important that you keep your website content fresh. Avoid recycling content or reusing the same content. It would be wise if you create new pages for your site every time. This way, you will be able to keep the overall SEO aspect in your favor. You can also add new pages to your portfolio when you are ready to establish a good online reputation.

Finally, learning how to get backlinks fast should not be taken lightly. It is important that you take into consideration the factors which are affecting the popularity of your site. Remember that a lot of search engines view sites differently. In order to ensure that your backlinking is successful, always keep your backlinks and site content fresh and unique.

Source : الباك لينك

Everything at your fingertips in Madrid


The capital of Spain is one of the most preferred destinations for locals and tourists, which is why in cercademadrid.com, you can find outstanding sites, corners and spectacular places such as rural houses, villages, restaurants, spas, campsites and much more.

From our website, we will analyze the best places that are close to Madrid, where you can go sightseeing, in addition to:

  • Getting to know your towns
  • Establishments
  • Properties
  • Restaurants, among other businesses located near Madrid and its community.

Options in Madrid

Madrid’s population stands out for its welcoming character and everyone who visits it feels at home, its monuments, its multicultural character, its beautiful landscapes and its privileged climate, are some of the many virtues that make Madrid an unforgettable place.

Among the most preferred options for visitors and its inhabitants, in addition to its museums, are its avenues, where you will find all kinds of stores and restaurants.

Also, you will discover its beautiful historical corners, which are full of charm.

When you walk around Madrid, you find emblematic places and green spaces where you can relax with your family and friends.

When it comes to eating, in Madrid you can find traditional taverns and avant-garde restaurants, as well as markets that have been converted into new gourmet spaces.

Lively, urban environments on indoor terraces, at ground level or on patios are ideal to enjoy at any time.

The nights are legendary in Madrid and the venues usually offer shows in all kinds of atmospheres, which means music until dawn.

There are some places near Madrid ideal for all tastes, where you can escape and disconnect from the turbulence of the big city, such as:

  • Watershed
  • Avila
  • Guadalajara
  • Toledo and

Close to Madrid, it offers many possibilities to enjoy with family and friends.

Tricks and tutorials for games


Nowadays the connections to online games are becoming more and more popular, every day more and more players decide to spend their time playing on the internet, that is why in paradacreativa.com we will mention the best tricks and tutorials for games.

Internet games can be in cooperative as competitive, this is chosen by the player or players for games such as:

  • CS: GO
  • PUBG
  • Fortnite
  • Rust, among others.

FIFA21 tips and tricks.

For FIFA21 you can implement the following tricks to improve the results in your game:

  • You can use the 4-2-3-1 formation, this formation will help you when the user is down on the scoreboard or you simply want to perform counterattacks.
  • Pass without looking, here the user can use the L2 and X button and then perform a slight movement with the stick in the direction where it is to avoid the ball.
  • The hat, if you want to execute this pass you must only use the joystick, this means that you must lean 2 times forward and 1 time backward.
  • The rabona, here the user must hold down the L2 and then you must press the circle and then the lever, it is important to point in the right direction.

Tips and tricks for Fortnite

To improve in Fortnite, you need to keep in mind the following tricks and tips that will help you in your game:

  • You need to set up your controls.
  • Find an area that is full of players and dive in.
  • Through the roof you can enter the buildings.
  • Choose the best weapons.
  • Improve your aim and
  • Look for shields as soon as possible.

Tips and tricks for Rust

  • Start your game on a server that is private.
  • You can consider playing it with your friends.
  • It is important to clean up your server.
  • Try all the weapons so you know which one works best.

Tips and tricks for Windows


Windows is a quite complete operating system, however many of its options and tools are almost always hidden and we do not manage to take advantage of it, that is why ik4.es we will simplify the experience of use with tips and tricks for Windows.

For those who do not have much experience in the use of Windows next we mention you some tricks and advice that can be interesting and very useful if you want to apply them in your PC, this new tool comes prepared to adapt to a wide variety of situations and scenarios.

Start your favorite music in Windows 

In Windows you can reproduce your favorite music easily, this process is made copying in your folder of beginning the song that you want to listen.

The procedure is easy, you just have to:

  • Write or paste in startup.

You can run Shell:Startup and then press Enter, then the startup folder will open.

Next, create a shortcut, for this process you just need to right click on the MP3 file of the music you want and then drag it to the startup folder and finally release it.

Creation of quick notes

In Windows 7 you can create quick notes with Sticky Note, there you can:

  • Write a to-do list
  • Write down phone numbers
  • Anything else you wish to jot down with just a pad is used.

The process to start Sticky Note is simple, just type in the following at startup: StikyNot and then press Enter and it will immediately appear on your screen.

Use clippings for screenshots

This is a tool that can help you when you are working on your computer and you want to make a screenshot (Snipping Tool).

To use this tool you only have to type in the startup: snippingtool and then press the enter key.

Windows is a tool that has a great variety of tricks and tips for you, you only have to keep up to date and for that you need to check the available and most recent updates.

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