The First Vehicle for a Student — What Should You Pay Attention to?



A student’s car is the first own vehicle for many. The independent, adult life, often connected with moving to a new, larger city, is a perfect time to buy one. However, not every car will make the life easier in the long run. We provide advice on what car to choose to ensure that the students’ idyll does not change into an expensive problem.


A student’s car should have several basic properties to ensure that using it will make life in the city easier and not more difficult. It needs not be impressive, expensive or extra fast. It must fulfill its major function, i.e. go from the students’ dormitory to the university and enable to return home for the weekend safely. What is more, it cannot be expensive in terms of its purchase price and maintenance costs. Although this may sound strange, it should not be perfect so that we are not sorry if there is any collision or accident. Below, please see some tips on how to choose a student’s car.


  • The car price — as most of us knows students who enter the adult life often have a limited budget. This means the car they choose must not cost too much. Today, you can find many older, second-hand cars for an affordable price.


  • Car maintenance — the parts for the student’s car should be inexpensive and easily available. This will help to avoid high costs in the case of failure which may happen in older cars. This criterion is important for one more reason — inexperienced drivers are more prone to have collisions. Some scratching or broken bumpers are parts which are easier to repair at some lower cost.


  • The car size — the vehicle should be compact. Most universities are situated in larger cities with heavy traffic and limited space. A small, compact car will make it easier to drive in the streets and to find some place to park.


  • Economical — a student’s car should have low fuel consumption. The optimum consumption in the city is ca. 5–6 liters. Small cars do not consume much fuel which makes driving them more economical.


  • Electrical vehicle — this is a perfect solution though more expensive and thus less affordable for a wider group of drivers. In the long run, however, it is much more economical and, which is also important, eco-friendly.


How to safeguard from unforeseen expenses?


The first car, particularly the one to be driven by young people, may be exposed to many hazards. Collisions and accidents happen even to experienced drivers, but those who start their driving adventure stand a higher chance of causing or participating in some incident.


However, the consequences of such incidents can be not only problematic, but also very expensive. Even if you ignore the expenses connected with repairing the damage emerging during the collision, the accident participants may be encumbered with liability for losses suffered by third parties and their property.


This is why, in particular when the driver is a student with a limited budget, before going on a road everyone should buy an appropriate car policy which will minimize the risk of unforeseen expenses and painful consequences. The most important components of the policy include:


  • Assistance — it will ensure the first, basic assistance and support at the time of any fortuitous event. This is not only related to providing the most important information, including emergency phone numbers or assistance facilities, over the phone, but also child care when her or his guardians suffer in the accident.


  • Third party liability insurance — it will ensure protection if any loss is caused to any third party or their property as a result what we do. The guaranteed sum of the third party liability insurance should be at least EUR 100,000.


  • Accident insurance — it guarantees covering the costs and any benefit disbursement if our health suffers as a result of the fortuitous event. This is important also during foreign trips as it provides coverage for the accident-related treatment or rehabilitation. What is more, the accident insurance guarantees compensation if the insured person dies.


  • Comprehensive cover — this policy will ensure disbursement of the relevant compensation if the car is damaged due to the injured party’s fault. It covers also theft of the vehicle, the act of the forces of nature and the so-called vandalism acts (or more general third party acts).


If you want to choose the appropriate insurance for you, use the car insurance calculator. Thanks to that, you will compare different policies and choose the appropriate one for you and best matching your needs, and then you will easily buy it online in several simple steps, without leaving your home.

Tips For Safe Dating In College with Lovenet


10 Dating in College from College Sweethearts - College Magazine

College is typically the best time to meet new people, form new relationships, and have fun. Consider using the tips below to keep yourself safe while dating in college.


College is a time when many explore, try new things, and meet new people. Many find their soul mate while in college according to Michele Baird of That being said, when you are out there dating new people, it’s important to keep yourself safe. Here are some of the top safety tips to follow from ADT to ensure you keep yourself safe while having fun in college.


  1. Tell a Friend or Family Member When You Go Out


One of the key things you should be doing is letting a friend or family member know where you will be when going out on a date. Tell them what your plans are and when you expect to be home. That way, they can tell when something seems out of place.


  1. Learn Self Defense


Ideally, you want to take a self-defense course. That way, you can be as prepared as possible in the event you get attacked. You should be able to find a self-defense course that is being taught on your campus.


  1. Locate Emergency Stations


Always have a good idea of where the emergency stations are located on campus. You also want to memorize the number in the event you need to call it in a dangerous situation.


  1. Charge Your Phone


Nowadays, everyone has a cell phone. Because of this, you should look to keep it charged and ready to use when you need it the most.


  1. Don’t Give Away Information


While you might think someone is trustworthy, you don’t want to place your trust in people you’ve just met. Avoid giving out personal information on social media and even to those you are on a first date with. Keep various things private like your address and your financial information.


  1. Choose Somewhere Populated


When you are going out on a first date, never go to someone’s home. Instead, you’ll want to head to a populated area. Whenever possible, go to a place that has many people.


  1. Double Date


One of the best ways to keep yourself safe is by scheduling your first date to be a double date with someone you know and trust. There is safety in numbers.


  1. Keep An Eye On Your Food and Beverages


There is always a possibility someone tries to drug you. Never accept drinks or food from strangers. Don’t leave your food or beverages unattended.


  1. Don’t Let Someone Into Your Home


Avoid letting anyone into your home unless you’ve known them for long enough.

Life Insurance: Protect What You’ve Got


Life insurance is one of the things that is considered an expense. While insurance companies often advertise insurance as a way to protect yourself and your financial future, the most basic benefit of affordable term life insurance is actually protection for your loved ones. In reality, they are the ones who must protect themselves from the loss of income that could result from your unexpected death. This basic insurance coverage is provided by this type of insurance.

Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Tile Cleaning, Water Damage – Fort  Wayne, IN

Term life insurance, unlike whole life insurance, is one that provides coverage only for a particular period of time, while whole life insurance often provides coverage for the entire life of the insured. It’s the cheapest coverage you can get and it’s designed to give you protection when you need it most, which is during the time when your family is most dependent on you. With such coverage, you don’t have to worry about whether your family will be able to live the life you want for them should you pass away unexpectedly.


You can find affordable term life insurance at any of the many insurance companies out there today. You can even find them offered online. It would be nice to compare premiums online if you want to find the best deal. However, there are intangibles that you would like to consider in addition to the amount of money that each insurance company would charge you in premiums. You want to see the history of the company in terms of being able to handle claims.


There are scam companies that would supposedly cover you but would default on their obligations when the time comes when your family needs to get their benefits. Only deal with companies that are financially stable and reliable in dispensing claim benefits. Then there is also the question of customer service. In the event of service issues, such as those related to inquiries and adjustments to your insurance coverage, you would like to be able to contact your insurer and be entertained with candor and concern. Even those online insurers would have facilities through which their clients could contact them and solve their service problems.


Affordable exclusive leads agency coverage the least you can do to make sure your family is protected from the financial impact of your untimely death. It is not intended to make anyone rich. You don’t necessarily have to buy affordable term life insurance coverage for an incredibly huge amount.


To determine the type of coverage you need, you must calculate the amount of money your family would need to live the same lifestyle in the event that your income is unexpectedly interrupted due to disability or loss of life. If you still have children in school, your educational expenses should also be factored into your coverage calculation.

The Inclusive Workplace – Setting the Standard for the 21st Century


Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace - RiskWatch

Twenty years ago, the term “inclusivity” was barely used in the workplace. Fast-forward to today and it has become a buzz-word for modern organisations intent on achieving success in the contemporary business environment.

Yet, despite the fact that creating an “inclusive” workplace is on the mission statements of so many companies, when it comes to putting this aim into practice, things start falling apart. Roman Taranov of Ruby Labs understands that the greatest problem with achieving inclusivity at work is that too many organisations don’t really understand what the term truly means.

Here we’ll take a closer look at exactly what the problem is, and what can be done to make modern workplaces more inclusive.

Inclusivity and Diversity – the Differences

For many businesses, the terms “inclusion” and “diversity” have become intertwined. However, should be two distinct elements. Of course diversity is important – after all, employing a broad variety of demographics throughout the workforce has been shown to make a big difference in boosting the organisation’s bottom line, but without inclusivity in place, the effort made will be tantamount to nothing.

This is because unless every worker from every demographic feels as if they belong in the workplace and are accepted and welcomed for being themselves, there are no benefits to be had. Essentially, inclusivity means that every worker feels as if they are a true part of the working environment and culture.

The Inclusivity Problem

Every person within a workplace team needs to feel as if they can be their own authentic self, without having to hide or make adjustments to accommodate the preconceived judgements of others. If workers feel as if they’re unable to be the person they truly are, or express themselves in their most natural way, they simply cannot display their true potential within that workplace.

In the long-run, if a worker is struggling to share key aspects of themselves within their working life, they will begin to feel isolated. They will find it hard to focus on their work and, eventually, will almost certainly begin thinking about leaving the organisation in search of a more positive and accepting workplace. Conversely, when an employee experiences genuine respect and feels safe enough to express themselves, their productivity and morale increases which, in turn, benefits the business as a whole.

The problem with many businesses today is that they seem to think that inclusivity is something that will simply happen by itself. Yet that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it is the duty of those leading the organisation to create a workplace environment within which each individual can feel free and safe to be their own authentic self, setting an example with their own behaviour that displays a genuine respect for others and a real willingness to listen.

When those at the top of an organisation lead from the front, clearly communicating to every employee that they are valued and appreciated, the rest of the company will naturally follow suit. The overall outcome is a positive environment with high worker morale – perfectly positioning the organisation to achieve ultimate success within its own arena.

The Benefits of an Inclusive Workforce

Having an inclusive workforce brings with it a host of benefits, both for the company itself and also the employees who work within it. For a start, employees experience greater job satisfaction and higher morale since they feel as if they are truly appreciated and valued as key members of the organisation.

For the company itself, the higher productivity of employees and lower levels of staff turnover lead to greater profitability and, thus, increased revenue. As an added advantage, companies with a fully inclusive workforce also experience improved problem solving across the organisation as well as increased innovation and creativity – two elements that also add up to higher profits and greater success.

A Deloitte study recently showed that organisations that have an inclusive culture boast clear advantages over those which do not. For a start, they are twice as likely to exceed their pre-set financial targets, and are three times more likely to perform highly. Add into the equation that they are six times more likely to be agile and innovative in their operations and eight times more likely to achieve their desired business outcomes and it’s easy to see why inclusivity is something that modern companies, whatever their field, should be striving towards.

Paving the Way for a More Positive Working Future

When it comes to forward-thinking companies that promote a truly inclusive working environment for their teams, the tech sector is far from leading the way. When tech giants like Microsoft, Facebook and Apple released their original diversity reports back in 2014, the findings were depressingly familiar.

Most of the workers within the technology arena were male and white, and despite the fact that the tech giants’ CEOs made a commitment to improving diversity, spending millions on initiatives towards that goal over the next five years, unfortunately, assessments carried out in 2019 revealed that there had been few gains for those underrepresented groups within major technology organisations. It isn’t only the big-name tech companies that struggled to create more inclusive workplaces either. In fact, the majority of tech businesses have yet to make good on their promises and dedicate themselves to trying to do better.

That said, there are some tech companies that are forward-thinking enough to embrace the principles of diversity and inclusivity, and to seize the opportunities that this more positive workplace culture can offer with both hands. One prime example of a tech organisation that is forging ahead with its mission to create a fully diverse and inclusive workforce is Ruby Labs, a self-funded company that is striving hard to create a fun, fast-paced and, above all else, supportive working environment for its staff.

Ruby Labs’ core values are “kindness”, “balance”, “learning” and “inclusion”, and this organisation doesn’t just pay lip-service to those values. The organisation’s entire structure has been based on them from day one. So much so, in fact, that the team has been remote-first from its launch in order to foster inclusion, diversity and a working culture that is as flexible as possible.

The business is owned and run by entrepreneur Roman Taranov, a self-made man who has a true passion for the technology sector and its ability to make the world a better place. Driven by a mission to improve lives, not only through the mobile apps that his organisation develops but also by fostering a better workplace culture for his international team of talented employees, Taranov is paving the way for a more positive working future.

Successfully Building an Inclusive Tech Workplace Culture for Tomorrow

It’s clear that, to successfully build an inclusive tech workplace culture, the company’s leadership has to be at the forefront of the commitment. Without a genuine passion for change at the heart of the organisation, participation at all levels cannot be truly achieved.

Yet, as Roman Taranov is sure to tell you, from his own experience and from the success of his mobile app development company Ruby Labs, despite the challenges that may crop up from time to time, the effort put into creating a fully inclusive workplace culture results in greater staff input and commitment and increased team retention – something that inevitably leads to significantly improved outcomes for the business.


Save Money From Salary


If you are considering a career change but not sure whether or not you can afford it or it will require some time to re-train outside work, then saving will make all the difference. When I was thinking about a career change, I started saving as much as possible from my salary. I did this because I wanted to have a small amount of savings to fall back on during tough financial times ahead.  For a financial emergency take a look at Loanza’s urgent same day loans.


I reduced the amount of alcohol I consumed. Before COVID, we started meeting with my friends at their flats instead of meeting at restaurants, bars, or pubs. I also stopped buying new clothes and started taking the bus instead of the train when possible. I also started looking for side jobs to make some extra money during hours that worked for me.


Essentially, I started living with a shoestring student budget mentality again while earning a permanent salary. That said, here are my top tips for saving money from salary:

Sell any sellable clothes or gadgets 

Delete Uber and Deliveroo (or consider switching to working for them once in a while)

Consider pulling out of that mates holiday this year

Shave and paint your own nails over wax and Shellac (Amazon has cheap DIY gel kits. Go over there and get them).


Pause some debits for a few months if possible. If you are using Netflix, Spotify, Audible, Amazon prime, and a monthly coffee subscription box, consider cutting a few of them temporarily.


Ask yourself whether switching your utility suppliers can help you save money. Comparison websites and websites offering advice like can help you when it comes to this. Use them.


Switching your phone contract to a SIM-only deal can help you save money (a SIM-only deal costs £10 per month while a contract costs between £30 and £40. I use Smarty and get 30GB per month for £10 and it rocks.


Download savings apps and link them to your current account. Some apps round up your spending to the nearest pound and can help you save without noticing. Other apps analyze your spending and advise on where you can save. Have a look at Chip, Moneybox, and Squirrel though there are other options.


Explore budgeting apps and current accounts like Monzo to help you know where your money goes and help improve budgeting.


Switch to a high-interest bank account or one that will give you a cashback sum and put all your savings in the account if possible. Do extensive research. You will find that there are many deals if you do so.


Take on a side-gig if possible. A few hours a week doing things such as market research, tutoring, managing the social media for a small business, TV & film extra work, proofreading and babysitting will help you make extra money over a few months.


Try a more drastic thing like looking for a flat with cheaper rent and moving there for one year or moving back in with your parents or relatives.


If you go to a gym, consider downgrading your membership to a cheaper option, sticking to running outdoors, or changing the gym for a few months.


Whenever you go out, get Groupon deals and dining club discount cards like the Tastecard. Consider signing up for things such as Meerkat Movies rather than buying cinema tickets.

Consider making your own packed lunches for work every day instead of buying lunch every day. This will help you save a lot of money over the span of a whole year. Apart from helping you save money, taking your own food to work is healthier as you are more likely to use healthier, more natural ingredients when making your own food.


Tips to Choose a Data Centre


Tech-Sector Jobs Growing, But Modestly

It is important to choose the right collocation provider or data center for your business. Why? It is important for the security of your data. Here are 6 things to take into consideration before you select a data center for your business:


  1. Location


Location is the first big thing you need to consider before you select a data center. Search for reliable and trustworthy collocation service providers near you. Especially the ones with minimal risks of natural disasters. This is what many colocation centers consider before they build their facility. Also, you must carefully inspect your infrastructure to ensure it remains secure in an event of a natural calamity. If you are in London visit


  1. Ensure the Data Center Has Sufficient Equipment


It is important to make sure that the data center you are considering has sufficient equipment with backup solutions for the primary components, including power, fire, HVAC, etc. Check the disaster recovery plans of the data center. The plans come in handy if there are power failures, mishaps, etc.


  1. Reliability


Service Level Agreement (SLA) agreement binds all collocation providers and businesses to guarantee temperature stability, power service, and maximum network uptime. That is why the contract of many data centers includes SLAs. You need to evaluate their contracts and SLAs before you make your decision. How is reliability measured? It is measured in terms of the data center’s uptime. The uptime of reliable data centers is 99.995%.


  1. Viability


You need to check whether the data center provider has enough experience and a strong history as you do your research. A good data center provides support for more than 5 years. Do proper research. Read bulletins and press releases. Check the financial security and financial credibility of the data center provider. Do your due diligence before handing over your data to the company.


  1. Network Connectivity


Can the data center interconnect within a shared space? This is one of the most important benefits of data centers. Having this kind of interconnection can add value to your company. So, check if your preferred data center provider already interconnects several customers or clients.


  1. Scalability


Your business will grow with time, so you must check if your data center provider will meet your business needs in the future. Data centers offer flexible hosting plans, so check their plans before selecting one. Your data center should allow you to scale up or down, depending on your business needs.


A DNA Test for Heritage – Know What Benefits It Offers


DNA Testing 101 - Oschmann Employee Screening Services

An individual inherits traits from ancestors like parents, grandparents, or somewhere from the family tree. In case, you are enthusiastic to know about your family history to hold on to your family inheritance or to know more about your identity, DNA or genetic testing is the best option.

DNA holds genetic instructions related to the functioning, reproduction, and growth of living organisms. Identifying genetic variations is called DNA testing. This test helps in getting complete history regarding your strength, health, and sustenance.

With genetic testing, you can know about genetic risks like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and other health conditions.

You can get the best home DNA tests by PaternityUSA at a reasonable price. They provide accurate, high-quality DNA test reports that analyze one person to another. Also, they offer legal DNA tests for court.

How DNA helps to disclose family legacy?

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid), a molecule found in the living organism’s cells (nucleus). DNA replicates itself, so each cell will have identical DNA. It contains 4 chemical compounds, which provide the required information for the development and maintenance of an organism. When a cell splits, these chemicals enable the new cells to create identical DNA same as in the old one.

Samples of hair, blood, or saliva are collected from a person to perform the DNA test. In the process of testing, blood or saliva is collected from the person and sent to the lab to determine the genetic code. This code is used to assess the family history of the person. For example, paternity testing helps to know the father of a particular person.

With sibling DNA testing you can know whether both the participants share the same biological father or not.

Types of DNA testing 

  • Y Chromosome DNA Testing
  • Autosomal DNA Testing
  • Mitochondrial DNA Testing
  • SNA (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) DNA Testing

DNA test benefits

DNA testing provides a range of benefits. They are:

Helps to find your relatives

If you are aware of your living relatives and want to bond with them, a DNA test will help you to unite with your family. By comparing the non-sex chromosomes of DNA samples, you can determine your distant relationships like siblings, grandparents, aunts, and others.

Helps to understand health conditions

Each person will have distinct genetic material, by knowing your genetic composition you can understand the health condition. A few health problems cause through inheritance as the members of the family share specific genetic variants. A DNA test will help you in finding out the differences and similarities of the family members.

Helps to build your family legacy

In case you want to build your family tree, the DNA test will help you make it accurate. Once the testing completes, results are provided to you to compare them with your ancestors. By this, find out whether they are reliable or not. Few people will use these results to know about their ancestors like grandparent DNA testing helps to find out your great-grandfather.

Plus, DNA testing also helps to make a health decision, achieve fitness goals, discover your ancestors’ region, and more.

Whether you want to undergo aunt uncle avuncular DNA testing or some other, choose the best clinic that offers quality testing and book your appointment today.


What is Bad Faith Insurance?


Let’s say you’re involved in a car accident. After making sure you’re safe, one of the first things most of us would do is to call our insurance company. Immediately reporting the accident will ensure the ball gets rolling on your insurance claim so you can get back on the road. If it’s a valid claim, your insurance company should be there for you—right?

Bad Faith Insurance Claims | Williams Legal

This isn’t always the case. In many cases, an insurance company may act in bad faith, which means they’re not honoring their end of the bargain. While most people are shocked that their insurance companies would act in such a way, it’s important to remember that these companies are still trying to make a profit. Paying out on as few claims as possible is how insurance companies make money.


But how do you know if your insurance company has acted in bad faith? What even does this look like? Here, we’re taking a closer look at bad faith insurance and determining what you can do if you believe you’ve been the victim of this issue.



When you purchase an insurance policy (whether it’s car insurance, life insurance, or any other type of insurance), you’re essentially entering into a contract with the insurance company. In return for your monthly payments and any premiums, the insurance company is agreeing to provide compensation in the event of an accident or any other event that is included in the insurance policy. In a car insurance policy, for example, this could range from something as simple as repairing a windshield to completely replacing your vehicle if it’s totaled in a serious car accident.


This sounds like a fair agreement, right? Well, it isn’t always so simple. In some cases, your insurance company may fail to hold up their end of the bargain. By failing to honor the coverage outlined in your policy, your insurance company is acting in bad faith. There are many different ways that an insurance company can act in bad faith, but most come down to simply refusing to pay a valid claim or failing to pay the full amount of a claim.


But this doesn’t mean you should simply accept this state of affairs. While most insurance companies work hard to honor valid claims (quickly and accurately), bad faith insurance does still happen. If you think it may have happened to you, you’ll want to call a bad faith insurance attorney to learn what you can do next.



Essentially, bad faith insurance occurs when an insurance company breaches their own contract with a customer. But what exactly does this look like? It’s important to note that an insurance company isn’t acting in bad faith just because they deny a claim. However, if this denial is from a perfectly valid claim (as outlined in your specific policy), then the company might be acting in bad faith—which means you should consider hiring a bad faith insurance attorney.


To better understand this concept, here are some of the most common instances of bad faith insurance:


  • Denying a valid claim without cause.
  • Delaying a claim for an unreasonable amount of time.
  • Failing to fully pay out on a valid claim.
  • Offering a “low ball” settlement.
  • Failing to conduct a thorough investigation.
  • Misrepresenting the language of a policy.


If any of these actions sound familiar, you should call a bad faith insurance attorney. Even if they don’t end up taking your case, they can help you better understand the legal circumstances and determine whether or not you were the victim of bad faith insurance.



If you believe you’re the victim of bad faith insurance, you should reach out immediately to an experienced bad faith insurance attorney. These professionals can provide the knowledge and expertise to help you understand—and potentially win—your case.


You don’t want to face off with your insurance company alone. Understanding the particulars of your coverage can be much more challenging than most of us initially imagine. Let’s be honest—how many of us actually read our entire insurance policy word by word? Well, you can be sure that the insurance company (and their lawyers) know your policy inside and out.


Large insurance companies have entire teams of lawyers who focus solely on these types of cases. By working with a bad faith insurance attorney, you’ll have someone in your corner who knows how to fight—and win—these types of cases. They’ll ensure you aren’t bullied by the insurance company or other lawyers and that you’ll have the tools and information to potentially win your case.



In a successful bad faith insurance suit, the courts will see to it that your insurance company honors your claim and pays out the full amount. However, there are additional damages you can recover in a bad faith insurance case.


In addition to receiving the claim amount, you may also receive compensation for:


  • Attorney fees.
  • Emotional distress.
  • Punitive damages.
  • Statutory penalties.



Just think about it. If you’re in a car crash, you’d call a car accident law firm. If you’re in a bicycle accident, you’d want to work with an experienced bicycle accident lawyer. So, where do you turn if you’re the victim of bad faith insurance? A bad faith insurance attorney, of course. These professionals can help you understand your case, assess the most logical course of action, and if needed, fight for you in court.


It’s the responsibility of your insurance company to honor any valid claims on your policy. That’s what you’ve been paying for month after month, right? However, this doesn’t always happen so smoothly as insurance companies may act in bad faith. If your insurance company fails to pay on a valid claim, delays payment, offers a “low ball” payment, or fails to conduct a thorough investigation, they’re acting in bad faith. Call an experienced bad faith insurance lawyer to ensure that you receive fair financial compensation.


What to Know Before Buying a Home For The First Time


First-time buyers guide | Everything you need to know before house hunting  - Buying, Advice

Considerations When Buying a First Home

Do you have dreams and aspirations of owning a home? Are you consumed by making this goal a reality sooner rather than later? Moving out of your parent’s home or an apartment can be an awesome feeling. Buying your first house can be daunting as much as it is exciting.

There is a lot to know, and you have little experience to fall back on.

First-time buyers are wise to have an excellent buyer’s agent in their corner who can guide them throughout the process. Listening to family and friends for tips and advice can be helpful at times too.

That being said, your first home purchase can be so much easier if you stick to a checklist. By having a first-time buyer checklist, you can tick off all the vital things to do before putting down that hard-earned deposit and signing the paperwork locking you into monthly mortgage payments.

Let’s take a deep dive into some of the considerations to think about before buying your first house.

1. Where Will You Be Buying a House and How Much Can You Afford?

The location in which you purchase can often be as vital as the home itself. Knowing where you want to live and why is a crucial exercise. Can you afford to live in the city or town you want? Are there other alternatives that would fit more comfortably into your housing budget?

If you can’t afford to buy in your desired area, it will be easier to choose another suburb nearby that is less expensive.

Look at your debt to income ratio and keep your mortgage payments lower than 30% of your gross monthly income. It will be much harder to get a loan when you have significant debts.

Comb over all of your significant debts, such as credit cards and your car loan. If possible, you should try to reduce these expenditures before pursuing a home purchase.

2. Know Your Credit Score and Improve it.

To get a good interest rate, you will need a good credit score, and then you will be able to qualify for a lower interest rate.

Depending on the reporting agency, your credit score range will be between 350-850. Translated, the score goes in grading from being excellent, very good, average, and below average. This helps a lender to determine the risk of giving you a loan.

It would be best if you strived to get a credit score of at least 720 as you will be treated more favorably by lenders.

3. Understand The Deposit When Buying a House For The First Time

You will need an earnest money deposit and down payment to buy your first home. It will be important not to confuse the two as they are different. The earnest money is the funds you put up to show a seller that you are sincere about buying their property.

You might look at it as security that you’re not going to walk away from the transaction – hold your feet to the fire, so to speak.

These funds are generally either held by the listing agency or the title company until the property closes. You can expect the earnest money deposit to be anywhere from 1 percent to 5 percent of the purchase price. If you are buying new construction, it could be ten percent.

Down payments, on the other hand, is the money going toward the purchase of the property. These funds are the difference between what you are paying for the home and the amount of money you’re taking out for a mortgage.

There are numerous down payment requirements depending on the type of loan program you choose. It is possible to buy a home with no money down if you are a veteran or are buying in a rural area. These two financing options are known as VA and USDA loans, respectively.

You can also put as little as 3.5 percent down with an FHA loan and 3 percent down with a conventional mortgage. Discussing all of these mortgage options with a mortgage broker would be an excellent idea. They will be able to advise appropriately what works best for your situation.

4. How Much Can I Borrow When Buying a Home?

Look at your priorities, and go to a few lenders. Make sure to get mortgage pre-approval in written form. You will need to receive a mortgage preapproval letter which will spell out the terms in which the lender will be giving you. The preapproval letter will be something a seller, and their real estate agent will be looking for.

Make sure it is a mortgage pre-approval letter and not a prequalification. The lender should be verifying your employment, income and checking your credit score. Without these checks, a mortgage letter is worthless.

It is wise to get this done in advance of looking at homes, so you know exactly what to be looking at.

5. What The Housing Inventory Look Like For My First Purchase?

If your chosen suburb has a mixture of houses and townhouses, it will probably be cheaper to start with a nice townhouse in a good location. The condo or townhouse will be a property that you can always hold when moving to a house later on.

Start intensively attending open houses, and you will know how much competition is out there for your property choice. Ask your Real Estate agent for a list of recent property sales. Look them over to determine the range in which houses are selling for. Consult your agent as well on where the market is headed. Are home prices rising, falling, or steady?

If you are buying in a rising market, it often goes up quite quickly because people suffer from fear of missing out.

The longer the property sits on the market, the less likely it is to sell, and if the owner has bought elsewhere, he/she may become anxious and drop the price. Once that happens, you may well be able to snap it up, as you are in a position to wait a bit longer.

6. Don’t Rush Your Purchase as a First-Time Buyer

You are in a great position to be cool, calm, and collected. Your pre-approval will usually last for three months. This will give you plenty of time to look at all the properties in your price range that are available in your area.

There are usually many housing alternatives available. You may find the American dream of a free-standing 4 bedroom home with a double garage isn’t necessarily your ideal property. It can be great fun living in a large townhouse community, especially with newer ones with a gym and a pool.

Final Thoughts on Buying a First Home

Once you find your first home, remember it is just a start, and you won’t be there forever. If it is in a nice area close to shops and transport, it will be a great stepping stone for buying a larger property in the future. Above all else, make sure you do plenty of due diligence. Never rush your decision, or you’ll have the awful feeling of buyer’s remorse.


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