How Can Restaurants Effectively Use Online Survey Tools

6 Ways Restaurants can use Online Survey Tools

You would notice some restaurants remains always occupied while others remain empty. Do you know the reason for this? Successful restaurant owners use survey tools to assess the satisfaction level of their customers.

This helps them work on areas that need improvement and grow their business. In this article, we are going to look more closely at the importance of online survey tools and their use in restaurants.

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What Is The Need Of A Restaurant Survey Tool?

To provide a great experience to customers, a restaurant should make a continuous effort to know the customer satisfaction level with taste, and quality of food, and its ambiance. It will help them assess the service quality and make necessary improvements from time to time.

Due to this reason, getting feedback from customers proves to be very beneficial for a business. This is where a restaurant survey tool comes in. It is a great way to learn about the thoughts and opinions of customers. It helps them learn about their satisfaction with the services, food, and the overall experience they have with the restaurant.

This software helps a restaurant business to run surveys to obtain customer feedback at different touchpoints. It also provides them an elaborate real-time reporting and analysis to perform necessary action based on the feedback.

In what ways can Restaurants Use Online Survey Software?

Here are some of the ways that can help a restaurant owner to use an online survey tool in the business.

  • Hand over feedback devices to customers
  • Set up offline self-service feedback kiosks
  • Print QR code or feedback link in delivery boxes, and bills
  • Send email and SMS feedback
  • Insert customer feedback form on the website
  • Share Link for customer feedback on social media

Benefits Of Implementing A Restaurant Survey Software

Here are some of the important advantages of using a restaurant survey tool.

  • It enhances engagement with customers
  • The tool aids in collecting valuable feedback from customers on a real-time basis
  • The professional online tool provides negative feedback alerts
  • It is also useful to learn about the trends of customer feedback
  • A restaurant survey tool assists in computing metrics that includes NPS, CES, and CSAT
  • A good survey app also allows a business to obtain offline feedback
  • It is a great way to close the feedback loop
  • A restaurant survey tool assists in measuring the performance of the restaurant staff

Tips For Restaurants To Capture Customer Feedback Via Online Survey Tools

Here are a few tips that will help restaurants obtain customer feedback:

Find the right time to approach the dine-in customers

Whenever your staff, approaches your on-premises customers to obtain feedback, they should go at the right time. Care should be taken not to disturb them during a meal. The appropriate time to approach them is after a meal or during the billing.

Keep surveys simple

Another important tip that a business should follow is to make the survey forms simple and short. This is because people nowadays do not have time to fill lengthy and boring survey forms.

Inform them in advance about the survey

A good practice to take restaurant surveys is to inform the time to customers about taking the survey. Keeping customers well informed about the time needed to take the survey, enhances the chances of survey completion. It also tells the customers that you value the valuable time of customers.

Ensure that survey links open quickly

It is very annoying for customers to endlessly wait for the survey to open. When designing a survey, the survey link must open quickly. It will help them get more customers to fill the feedback form.

Express gratitude to customers for sharing feedback

You should appreciate customers for giving valuable time in filling the survey form. It could be in the form of a token of thanks or a price discount coupon in a future purchase.


The food industry is progressing at a rapid rate. You can find restaurants in every nook and corner. For a restaurant to expand and achieve success should use customer feedback to make regular improvements in the business.

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